The Critical Thinking Co.™ Something Fishy at Lake Iwannafisha {Review}

Years ago I had ordered some books from The Critical Thinking Co.™. My kids loved the Mind Benders books, I had done those when I was younger and was so glad that they enjoyed them! They have recently come out with a lot of new books and I was excited to check them out! We got Something Fishy at Lake Iwannafisha.

Lake Iwannafisha

This sounded pretty interesting when I read it on the website, but in looking at it more thoroughly, I am sooo excited about this! Everything is provided for you that you would need to do this!

Basically, the whole book is trying to get you to solve the ‘who dunnit’ mystery. It is done in such a way that it isn’t childish which I appreciate. It is meant for grades 5-12. It revolves around forensic science and everything that goes into solving crimes.

It goes into all the different things that you see on the tv shows.. Fingerprints, ballistics, handwriting analysis, and counterfeit money. It uses all sorts of reports to aid in solving the mystery as well; witness statements, police reports, as well as other reports.

The crimes involve a dead body as well as human bones, counterfeit money, guns and bullets and everything that goes with criminal activity. If you have children that are more sensitive to these sorts of things, I would suggest looking it over first. My kids are in high school and enjoy the whole mystery aspect of things and watching crime shows, so they totally got it.

We got the physical book, which I love, because I can keep it forever and always come back to it. I love me some books! But one thing that I thought was totally cool was that most of the pages are also provided for you on a separate zip file that you can download and print whenever you need! So you don’t need to make copies out of the book! I totally took advantage of that!

Lake Iwannafisha

I printed out some of the things that would be needed at the beginning and put them on a display board. If I did this again I would have printed them out on different colored papers, even though it wouldn’t be a professional look, it would be easier to see.

I figured that they could always add stuff to it as they went along. I put the maps on there as well as the timeline, and on the left was the case file introduction. There is still plenty of room for more items..

Lake Iwannafisha

I went ahead and printed out a lot of the other pages as well. I organized them into their own file folders. I think it would have been a good thing to color code the folders, but that’s just me wanting to be completely organized about it all.

When the kids start out they are pretty much just given the information that I have on the display board above. They kind of know general ideas of what happened but they need to fill in the rest of the answers.

There are quite a few pages that go over the different forensic topics, and you do that first so that they get a general idea about what they are looking for. They can always refer back to them if needed. It is a lot of information!

Then they can just jump right into the case by reading the case file introduction and crime scene report. You are the sergeant and they will be coming you for information. They could choose to interview someone or ask about fingerprints and you can go ahead and give them whatever information they ask for. You may or may not have the information that they want and that adds something else to the clues.

I enjoy the fact that the kids have to come to their own conclusions. We typically do things that have a checklist or itemized thing on what to do next in our homeschool curriculum choices, so this is fun! Kind of like the choose your own adventure books I used to read when I was younger.

We just recently got this and I am so very excited to work on it with the kids. I have read through the book enough to get situated but I didn’t read any answers, I want to make sure that I don’t know ahead of time!

I could easily see doing this in a group setting like co-op or something similar..It really is something that is great for any group size, even by yourself!

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