Six years ago…

I can’t believe it is time again to write this post..

Six years ago on June 7th we packed up and started our trek to North Carolina.

I don’t know why I started posting the yearly pictures on the 8th, but it started out that way and I just kept going with it.

This year was rough. It was a super hot day and my mom had the vet come and put her cat to sleep and well, nobody was at their best. But the one thing that I say is that everyone just come out as they are and well, here you go.

I do like seeing the changes though. This will be something I treasure for as long as we can keep doing them.








I am hoping that by this time next year we will have our remodel and maybe a different house color. We will see though! I do miss our green grass, but ever since we got birds it just hasn’t been the same. Gah, I love looking at these…. 🙂

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