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I haven’t done a Saturday Snippets in a while and I know I have seen a ton of great stuff on the internet lately! Send me some things that you have seen lately! I wake up early to have time for myself which usually involves reading a book with breakfast and then checking emails and such. I always like seeing fun stuff on the internet!

1. I always feel better when I have quiet time.. Granted most of it is usually spent reading a book, but I do like hanging out outside at our house when the weather isn’t ridiculously hot. This article mentions the importance of saving a little bit of quiet time for yourself.

2. This article talks about how it is when your kids are grown up and moved out. Our kids are all getting older and we are recognizing more and more of what this article is saying…

3. I love that Texas is doing this project to help the homeless people in their area. I am glad it is spreading to other cities, and think it should be nationwide!

4. People helping people is just awesome.

5. This is foster care multiplied.. Goodness…

So, I will leave it on that note because it is just so, so good.. Let me know what good things you have seen on the internet lately, I am all about some good stuff!

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