The Master and His Apprentices: Art History from a Christian Perspective {Review}

We have done a lot with art in the years that we have been homeschooling, but we haven’t really gone into too much art history! I was excited to try The Master and His Apprentices: Art History from a Christian Perspective because it looked like it had everything we would want!

We received the digital version of both the textbook and the teacher guide from The Master and His Apprentices. I am all about books and printed copies of things, so my original intent was to send it off to be printed, but the printing company was running three weeks behind. So, we just used the computer to view the digital version as was.

As I opened up the files, I immediately noticed how very user friendly the files were. There was a short introduction that explained how to use the books, if you are a teacher in a classroom setting or at home…they are pretty similar really.

And then it jumps into the lessons! What I love love love is when any curriculum gives a guide on what to do every day, week, or whatever. It is so much easier for me to know what I am supposed to do on any given day. The Master and His Apprentices  does that for each week, it mentions how much to read and then lists some questions to answer.


The amount to read each week varies, but it really isn’t an unreasonable amount. Very doable. I looked at the amount we were to read for the week and then I divided it up by five days. We read aloud in our homeschool, so this was nice that it wasn’t too much to read per day. The amount of questions aren’t bad either. Seems like the average is around 20 questions per week.

Now, there are worksheets that you can print out with the questions and they could easily fill them out. I showed an example up above. If I had a child that was working solo on most of their homeschooling, I would totally want them to do that. They would be reading and doing everything on their own time, so you would of course want them to show the work they have been doing. In a school setting as well, even a co-op.

We have been using the questions as more of a discussion time. It has been great and they have really gotten into answering the questions, even if it is in a round about way. If my kids were going to write down the answers, I don’t think I would get as well rounded answers from them. I do have the answer key and if they start getting off track I can guide them back to answering the question again. They have done great so far though!

After a quick introduction bit, there is a lot on Creation. You don’t typically see anything regarding this time in history books, let alone art history! It was great to see.

The whole curriculum is written from a Christian perspective. There is no nudity or anything else questionable. We all know that there was/is nudity in art, but this way it can be up to the parent when they want to introduce that in their childs’ learning.

As I’m writing this, we have left off on week four. I am amazed at all that I have learned in just this brief period! I didn’t know anything about cylinder seals! The photos that accompany each lesson have been great so far! As I have scanned through future lessons, I have seen some very familiar artwork, and some that I haven’t seen before.

I am excited to work through the rest of this curriculum. I know they will probably do really well in the Greek section as we spent over a year studying everything Greek. It will be interested to see though!

Raleigh has a great art museum that we have frequented a few times, I can see us making another trip or two there during these studies! I will keep an eye out for any special things they do throughout the year as well.

I do think that I will get this printed as soon as the printing company is caught up again, it is just what we are used to and is easier for us. I know plenty of people that prefer using the computer more during their school, and that’s awesome! Whatever is best for you!

If you do everything included in the curriculum, the questions, papers, and exams, it will count as a full year of high school credit. I am appreciative about that as well as the fact that it is also a class that they can take at the community college when they start on their associates degree and it will be a nice way to get ready for that!

We are all very excited about continuing these lessons! If you want to read what others had to say about The Master and His Apprentices: Art History from a Christian Perspective, feel free to click on the banner below!

The Master and His Apprentices: Art History from a Christian Perspective



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