Half way done with school!

I just realized that we are pretty much almost half way done with school! Well, for our school year.

Don’t you like my pretty much almost in that last sentence?

But we have had so many breaks due to trips, visitors, Princess Buttercup, and just other random things, that it seems like we have hardly done any school this year!

But in doing school I realized that in both our History and Science that we reached the half way point with them! We must be doing something!

We do have at least one quick family trip planned in the fall and Jeffy and I have another couple small trips here and there, so I am hoping that we will at least get December off!

We can always take more of January off if we feel like we need more of a break.

That’s what I love about homeschooling though! When we take little trips it is great when everyone else is in school. It’s harder to work around Ryan’s job, but they seem pretty easy going with giving him time off. Pretty soon we will have to work around the college schedule of the other two! Yikes!

I do enjoy our school schedule, but every now and again I wish that we were on a typical one. It’s hard to tell people what grade they are in and just other things make it more difficult. I still like doing school during the summer though, it’s just too hot to do anything else anyway!

Do you have an odd school schedule?

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