Math Refresher for Adults {Review}

When we first started doing algebra a few years ago with Ryan it totally struck me that it had been forever since I had to do anything involving algebra! Thankfully I remembered a few of the basics and was able to go from there. It would have been way easier to have the Math Refresher for Adults book from Math Essentials though!

Math Refresher for Adults

I have used this thing like crazy lately! I flipped through a lot of the beginning stuff because it was problems that we have done over and over, with three kids and all.. But I did stop to review percentages because something always throws me with that!

Earlier this year we started Geometry with Lauren and after quite a few lessons, we realized that she just wasn’t ready for that difficulty yet. It was a hard program! But we both looked at the Geometry section and she totally understands a few things more now, like reading a protractor! No matter how many times I explained that to her she just couldn’t grasp it, but this just made sense to her when we read it together.

What I really wanted to look at started in the pre-algebra and algebra section. When Kyle first started doing algebra, he kept wanting to do things the easy way, in his head. Sure, it just makes sense when you have something like x+2=6, you can just figure it out easily in your head. But just like I said it would, it got harder and harder..

He was stuck for quite a while on a certain section in algebra so I looked over that whole section and I think with using a different phrasing and such, I was able to explain to him why things had to be done a certain way. It just made more sense to him!

Math Refresher for Adults

In thinking ahead, I wanted to check out what they had in the book for probability. I remember in Ryan’s math class that he took in college there was a big section all about probability. It took us a while to try and remember anything about it! So I thought I would refresh myself since Kyle and Lauren will be taking that same math class sooner rather than later!

You can see in the picture how the book works. The probability section starts out with six review exercises. These really make you think! It is helpful because if you miss one of those, you know you should probably go back and learn how to do them again!

There is a little helpful hint section that guides you on how to do it. Now the questions in this section are pretty basic, but are a great stepping stone for the harder stuff! There are then twelve questions on this page all about marble color probability. At the very bottom is a random problem to solve.

As you turn the page, you see the pages that I posted up above. Six more review exercises and then twelve more probability questions. These build from the previous questions, just a little harder, more options, etc. There is another random problem at the bottom of this page as well.

Now, you can write in this book all day long with the answers, that’s totally cool. They suggest actually writing out the problems and answers on a separate piece of paper! So that’s what I did with all of the pages that I have looked at so far. It was also easy to leave the finished problems with either Kyle or Lauren to look over as they are doing their own math program since I was able to explain the problems to them.

Math Refresher for Adults

What is also cool is that they have videos for everything! This was so exciting for me because a lot of the time I am just not all that great at explaining things. Once I started playing the videos I realized that they were the similar to the No-Nonsense Algebra book that Lauren used last year! Very easy to fall back into them!

I love how the videos go step by step in very easy to learn words. It makes things so much easier to refresh your memory! Between the words in the book and the video explaining it another way, it was so easy to get the problems down again!

These books have been lifesavers for us! I would have loved to have this book back when we first started doing some of the trickier things that I totally forgot about!

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Math Refresher for Adults



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