New Jersey


Jeffy and I went to New Jersey this week! Previously, all I had seen of it was the bit between Newark airport on the way to New York!

It was nice to spend time in a new place! We have been doing that a lot lately and it is addicting!

One thing I noticed was that we went to restaurants that served hot pretzels a lot. I mean, like 80% of the time there were hot pretzels offered. And of course we got them. Some were full pretzels, some were sticks, and some were little nubbies.

The thing is, when Jeffy travels by alone he finds himself going to fast food, or Cracker Barrel, or something similar.

I don’t want any of that when we are in a new place! Or really, I never want fast food, lol.

I love looking up on Yelp and other things for new places to eat. I try not to find chain restaurants, but even still, if they are local chains, I am ok with that!

I even look up dessert places, because I am still on the hunt for the best eclair. Previously I mentioned that eclair place in NYC…pretty sure that is still the winner, I have to try the one in MA again though. 😉

In a couple weeks we will be going to Michigan. I have never been there and am definitely excited because Jeffy has only been there once and that was by himself. Of course last time he had a friend take him to a place that wasn’t fast food. I am sure we will have to stop there so he can show me a new place for once. 😉

Is it weird that so much of our travels revolve around food and the next meal? We cant’ be the only ones to do that, right? 😉

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