Perelandra – eGuide by Progeny Press {Review}

Another company that we have been enjoying for quite some time is Progeny Press. We have used their eGuides for different books a few times and have enjoyed them each time! This go around we did the Perelandra – eGuide.


I am not all current on books by C.S. Lewis and had never heard of Perelandra before, but I figured it had to be good! I realized shortly after that it was the second in the series, but I read that it was ok to read on its own.

What I love about Progeny Press is that it isn’t just a question and answer study guide. There are typical questions, but mixed in with that are so many other things!

Progeny Press Perelandra Vocabulary

One thing that has helped us greatly is the fact that these eGuides are interactive and have no need to be printed. You can just type your answer right on the screen on the computer.

We have tended to actually use the chapter questions as more of a discussion as we go rather than type the answers on the screen. The answers are usually more thorough and thoughtful!

I will have to say that some of the words that are chosen for the vocabulary section, I had no idea what they were, and I was happy to find out! Sometimes we would try to make a guess first to figure out what some of the crazier words were and we had to laugh at the responses.

The vocabulary sections are different throughout the chapters, which is nice too. Some of them are like the one shown above, sometimes it is choosing words from a word box or matching. It really is nice not having the same kind of questions after each chapter.

Progeny Press Perelandra Questions

There are a variety of questions in the study guide. There are basic review questions that gauge reading comprehension and those help too in case the kids missed something and want to go back and re-read a section again.

Other questions, like these in the Analysis section, are a lot more thoughtful. I love that it has you referencing Bible passages and comparing different parts of the book.

Progeny Press Perelandra Dig Deeper

Another section, Dig Deeper, gets a lot more thorough with the questions. Sometimes we would spend a lot of time discussing some of these, especially if they had questions within the question. But it made for a lot of great discussion times, even if it had us reading the book a little slower.

I am very appreciative of the fact that there is an answer key in the back. I mean, I am reading right along with the kids, but sometimes I just don’t have the correct answer, so it is nice to see what the answer key says.

One thing that this eGuide has that I haven’t seen in any other study guides is a prereading activities. A lot of these are pretty involved, so we did one of the easier ones and I think we may do some of the other ones further down the road.

Progeny Press Perelandra activity

There are also essays and activities for the end of the book as well! One of them I had them do recently during the reading one day as it was just drawing. It isn’t finished as it is supposed to be colored, but they just did a quick sketch. Pretty sure they saw something similar on Google images and did it their way. I bet it will look great colored!

Some of the other projects we will wait until after we are done with the book. We just finished chapter 13 so we have just a little bit to go. But you can easily see that there are plenty of activities to help you in understanding more of this book! That’s one reason why we are reading it slower than normal. We usually read a chapter and then start working on the questions the next day. It depends on the questions how long those take. Then we read another chapter.

If you are curious as to what others thought with their time using Progeny Press, feel free to click the banner below! Some did Perelandra like we did, and some had younger kids so they did The Josefina Story Quilt – eGuide, The Green Book – eGuide or The Scavengers – eGuide.  There is something for every age!

In the past I have done Great Expectations E-Guide as well as The Silver Chair E-Guide. Both were books that I hadn’t read yet, which was nice. I think next time it would be great to try a book that we have all read, or even seen the movie of, to see if that helps us even more!

Perelandra – eGuide by Progeny Press



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