Home School in the Woods Industrial Revolution through The Great Depression {Review}

I will say it as many times as I can… Home School in the Woods is one of my favorites in our homeschool. We have been doing their unit studies for a few years now and they just continue to impress me. This year we are studying American History and so I went straight to the Time Travelers American History section. I saw that one of the choices was the Industrial Revolution through The Great Depression which fit in perfect with our timing!

These studies are geared towards grade 3-8 but even my teens still love doing them. Ryan was doing them when he was in 12th grade still! There is so much information in each one!

What we all enjoy about them are that they are hands on. You can stop with the more boring stuff that just needs to get done and do something fun but learning a lot at the same time! We usually do it in the middle of our school day to break things up.

We are half way through our school year and half way through our history curriculum. It just worked out so perfectly that we are doing this whole time period.

Home School in the Woods start

Now, if you have followed my reviews for a while, you may have read that I couldn’t figure out the process on where to start with these. Well, in talking to some friends about it, I realized that there was a start button included with all of the folders that makes it 100% easier. So, if you are new to them, definitely try the start button included in the folder and see if that helps you, ha!  But you know, I am so used to doing everything within the folders, that I am just used to it now!

There were some things that we hadn’t gotten to yet, and some that we had already covered, so we did a little jumping around this time. I love that you can do that with these studies!

Home School in the Woods Industrial Revolution 4

We left off on Lesson 13. I am happy to find, using the start button, that there is a Lesson Plan schedule. I love being able to print this out. I can see what is coming up, crossing off days that we already did, or parts of days to know that we have to go back and finish something.

This is the first time that we did jumping around like this. Typically we just follow the schedule from beginning to end. But I love how each day is a mixture of different things to do, it definitely isn’t stagnant at all!

The projects are numerous and so creative! I will warn you that there is a lot of printing that happens with these studies! I ran out of ink and started using my husbands printer in the middle of one day because I couldn’t be bothered to go to the store for more ink. Granted, stores aren’t close to me so that is a factor. 😉

Home School in the Woods Industrial RevolutionHome School in the Woods Industrial Revolution 2

Home School in the Woods Industrial Revolution 3Home School in the Woods Industrial Revolution 5

Here are some of the projects that we did in lesson 13. I love that they include the quotes in cursive. I will be the first to say that my kids need all the help they can get in their handwriting skills. And that first quote happens to be one of my favorites as well. 🙂

But you can see the variety in the projects! There is cutting involved; a lot of printing and a lot of cutting the printed papers. ha! But you don’t really need much else, some tape and glue and that’s the majority of it! There are some special projects that need different items, but really, tape and glue will go far.

Since my kids are older, they don’t typically color the cut-outs as suggested. I am not going to battle them on this one as I don’t think it necessary, but come on, I really wanted to see that ballot box colored!

You put some of the smaller projects together in a ziploc bag until the end and then you put it all together in a lapbook. These turn out so phenomenal when they are complete. I don’t understand how they all fit on the file folders, but they do!

We have reviewed other ones before and you can read them here! It might help seeing more about our time with them.

Lap-Pak: U.S. Elections
Project Passport: Ancient Greece
Lap-Pak: Wonders of the World

Project-Passport-Ancient-RomeThey have recently finished up the latest in their Project Passport series, Ancient Rome! You can get them all in a bundle too, which is a great deal!

If you want to see what others think of some of Industrial Revolution through The Great Depression as well as some other titles, feel free to click the banner below! It’s always nice seeing what other people did with various ages of kids and such. 🙂
Home-School-in-the-Woods-Homeschool-ReviewsHome School in the Woods Industrial Revolution through The Great Depression


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