List maker…

list maker

Are you a list maker?

If so, are you a paper or digital list maker?

Mine has to be paper. And the most random piece of paper I can find, apparently..

I do have a notebook that I bought specifically for my lists, but it seems that I just prefer a random extra homework sheet from the kids, or something similarly random.

And yes, I am also that person that does something not on the list, then puts it on the list, just to cross it out.

Such a sense of satisfaction that is. Crossing things out.

Then it seems as if I think of more things to do. And it order to get those things done, I must do other things first.

It is such a cycle.

Right now I have so many things that I need to do. Some are so important and some others are important but I can put off just a teeeeeny bit longer.

I get overwhelmed and then I do something dumb like….take a nap…or pet the cat…or make brownies…

I really am a procrastinator and do tend to get my best work done in that last minute rush, but right now it seems like things are snowballing.

Pretty sure it will all work out. It usually does. 🙂 And yeah…I am putting off other things and blogging about not getting other stuff done. hahaha…

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