Branch Out World: Paddington Bear study {Review}

One of my absolute favorite things in the world are books. And people that can make unit studies out of books are a very special set of people in my opinion. I have friends that do it very well, but I am not blessed with that talent. So when I find unit studies on books I tend to get them! Branch Out World has a Paddington Bear Lit Study in their Picture Book Explorers section.
paddington-Paddington Bear lit study

Now, you might be wondering why I would choose a book that is obviously a children’s book when I have all teenagers.. Well, I believe that you can learn something from any book!

As well as the fact that to my knowledge, I hadn’t ever read it before! So if I hadn’t read it, then I know for sure that my kids hadn’t read it! I had to order this one online and it ended up coming from England!

I am amazed at how perfect the timing was with this Lit Study. Everything tied in so well with things we were actually doing.

The study is broken down into five days.
Day 1 – Exploring the Setting
Day 2 – Exploring the Words
Day 3 – Exploring the Pictures
Day 4 – Exploring Science
Day 5 – Exploring Maths, Crafts, and more.

Since this is written generally for children ages 5-10, some of the activities were a little young for my kids, but there were so many others that had great starting off points to where we could learn things more to our age group!
Paddington Bear This Lit Study has so many pages that you can print out and make a sort of lap book with. We did some of them and some of the others we just had discussions about. One project talked about a suitcase and what you would put in it on a trip. I bet that would be great fun to do with small kiddos to see what they would put in their suitcase!

We are working our way through an artful way of geography this year, so the geography section was a great stepping stone with that! There are maps provided that you can print out, but I took it a step further and had them draw their own.

The study focuses a lot on Peru and London, so it was nice learning more about these two places. We have studied London quite a bit, but I have to say we really haven’t studied much about Peru!

One of the activities was making something food related. It called for caster sugar. I looked it up and I recall that it is the same as the Baking Sugar that I used when I was in Arizona! I haven’t been able to find it here in North Carolina, but if you are more on the western side of the US, it is C&H brand! After we moved here I had my mom send me a box of it because I missed it so!

Paddington Bear

As a funny, we were on a trip to Michigan and one night we had a late dinner and noticed that an antique store was still open, so we walked in. And look who greeted me! It was so cute I had to take a picture of it.

The study also talks about snacks from Peru. One of them being purple Andean potatoes! We get a subscription box with snacks from different countries each month, and recently in one box was a snack made from purple potatoes! They were pretty tasty and I wouldn’t mind if they sold them here!

Another part of the study talks about the architecture throughout the book of houses and such. We are getting ready for a remodel here and it was so interesting reading some of the different terms that were in the study. I had never heard of some of them before. We looked them up and imagined what our remodel would look like with some of these things added.

In our history studies we are learning about American History this year. We are at the point where large amounts of people were coming over to America from other countries. There is a section in this Lit Study that has to do with Population Migration! So, this tied into our normal studies as well. The study gave definitions on emigration, immigration, migration as well as very good information on the pros and cons of it all.

We are also studying Biology this year. So the worksheet that we did above that had the classification section was interesting. I had them use their template from Biology to guess the classification of the Andean Bear. It was fun to see them guess since the bear is mostly an herbivore, but it does eat small rodents and such so it is also a carnivore.

Honestly, I could go on and on about how much there is to do with this Lit Study! Don’t be afraid of looking at Unit Studies, or anything really, that are outside of the ages of your children! You can always make it easier or harder if you have to!

I really am fascinated with this company. They are based in the UK and what I thought was interesting was that all of the books that they use have a link to the UK, whether it’s the setting, the author or the illustrator. That could work so well if you are doing a study on the UK also! Pick out more of these book studies and do them all!

I am sure I probably didn’t explain the study thoroughly, but I really am excited about these! Make sure you check out their website, Branch Out World And if you want to read what others thought about their Paddington Bear study, feel free to click the banner below!
Branch-Out-World-Picture-Book-Explorers-Paddington-Bear-REVIEWSBranch Out World: Paddington Bear study


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