Travel bug

travel bug

Travel bug.

I think we have it pretty bad.

Starting a month from now we are going to be kind of going a little crazy with the whole travel thing.

I am not sure how we are going to pull it all off…

Thankfully we have a wonderful person that will take care of our critters for us, that is a complete help like no other.

If I didn’t have it all down on a  printed calendar it would be driving me crazy.

Wishing that I could be marking more new states off the list, but I think out of all of this I will only be marking off a quick trip to Connecticut. Better than nothing?

Do you have a particular state that you want to travel to?

I know someone that just finished going to her last state to be able to say that she’s been to all of them. That is so fun!

Pretty sure we won’t be doing that, but it’s nice to knock them off the list.

I was talking to someone else and she commented how they plan entire trips around the restaurants and other food choices. I totally get excited about food choices on a trip! Don’t necessarily like eating out for every meal, so when we travel as a family we like staying in AirBnB places. That way we can always cook a meal or two each day, depending on what else we have planned for the day.

Unfortunately, only one of our upcoming trips is in a rental like that, the rest are hotel stays.

Ah well. I am looking forward to the day that we can finally use our passports. We kept putting it off to do the remodel and then something would happen and we couldn’t do the remodel…and we didn’t travel either..

So at least now, we are putting off the big trip for a remodel and it is actually starting soon. Hopefully. lol. Just have to get someone to draw our plans first. 🙂

Hopefully I can see some new places on these trips! Will have to update in November! 🙂

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