GrammarPlanet {Review}

Do you know your grammar? I thought I did. And then we started using GrammarPlanet. Um, we definitely needed this!
You can make an account as the teacher/parent and then make accounts for your children or students. Those accounts are different and do different things, but if you wanted to take the course as well, you could always make yourself a student.

When we first started the course, the first thing mentioned was nouns. Everyone knows what nouns are! Right? This had us second guessing ourselves right from the beginning and we couldn’t figure out why!

Since we kind of jumped in without reading the directions (ahem) we figured we would give it a go. It made much more sense after that! Figures, right?
GrammarPlanet Video
Once you are in the program you have a pretty empty screen. There is a video in the middle and two little buttons on the bottom of the screen.

The button on the left is where you can see the notes for that particular lesson. These are extremely helpful! You can print them off to refer to them, which I highly suggest! We have had a color go out on ours and so of course our printer doesn’t print without it, so I will have to go through and print them when we get ink again. For now, we just keep them open on another tab to refer to.
GrammarPlanet Video 2
As you start the video, you can hover over it and see what is going to be talked about. You can jump around and repeat things that you want. The speaker goes over everything on the sheet of notes and expands on anything that might be questionable.
GrammarPlanet Video 3As you watch the video, you come to little quiz sections. They are pretty much just questions that refer back to what was just talked about. You can easily answer them by paying attention to the video, or even looking at the notes.
Grammar Planet quiz
You can see in the example that the questions on the video quiz is pretty easy. It tells you right away if you are correct or not.
GrammarPlanet Lesson
After you look at both the notes and the video, you can move onto the interactive lesson. You label each word that applies to what you have learned so far. Some words are left blank because you haven’t learned that yet.

It is mentioned numerous times that you should label the words in a specific order. That is definitely helpful, although it takes a lot to make that a habit if you aren’t used to doing that!

You can see in this example that we missed one. I wanted to show you what that looks like. Sometimes at the bottom it will say that a particular word isn’t marked because you haven’t learned it yet, or sometimes it won’t say anything. You can see the correction at the top of the word that was missed though, it tells you what is the correct way to label that particular word.
GrammarPlanet Lesson 2
Here is a sentence that was all correct. It typically says ‘good job’ or something similar at the bottom. When you miss one, it says ‘oh, so close’ or something similar.

As you work through the lesson it builds on different sentences, sometimes they are longer or more difficult. It keeps track of how many sentences you miss.
GrammarPlanet Locked
We just went through this lesson quickly for the sake of this review. You can see at the top that it locked the students account and it suggests to the student to ask the teacher what to improve on.

You can then log into your own account and open the lesson back up again for them to work on again.

GrammarPlanet full lesson
This is an example of a completed lesson with tests and everything. It goes through enough practice lessons to make sure that the student really understands. On this particular lesson the student only missed one on a couple of the tests listed. But they got enough correct I think that it put it on through.

It is suggested to not rush through this even if you already know grammar. I highly agree with this. It’s just different and takes a bit of time to do everything in the order that they are wanting!

A few days a week and 10-15 minutes a day is perfect! That way, if your child is a little overwhelmed, they won’t be if they just do the time suggested.

I like the way that the information builds on each lesson. I can see us working on this for a long time, taking it slow. It’s interesting how much of a refresher it was for us! We hadn’t really worked on grammar for quite a few years and it’s nice that I will be able to have this for them to use.

If you want to read what others thought of their time with GrammarPlanet, feel free to click the banner below!


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