Fitting Words Classical Rhetoric {Review}

Do you use a rhetoric curriculum? We have used a couple in the past because I think it is important and really not talked about much! We have been using Fitting Words Classical Rhetoric (complete program) from Roman Roads Media recently and it has been so very good!
Fitting Words package
This is such a complete set! Honestly, I was a little overwhelmed when I first got it. Included is the main text book, a workbook, answer key, exam packet, and a set of DVDs.

The text book is definitely a quality book. It is a hardcover book and it is the thick kind, like a good school text book is.

Since I was a little overwhelmed with how it all would work together, I immediately just opened up the text book and started reading the Introduction as well as the section on How to use the book. They are both extremely helpful, and I suggest it to anyone who gets this set!

I was also intrigued by the other section in the preface that was a letter explaining more about rhetoric and putting it all in a nice little package. This too was a good read! I never really thought much about rhetoric, and this put it in easy terms for me to understand.

Being used to seeing textbooks have all sorts of pictures or cartoons, I was surprised that this one didn’t. Until I started reading more and understanding what sort of curriculum this was! This is very thorough and serious, but not stuffy or boring…if that makes sense. It is so full of information that you don’t miss any of the silliness that you find in other text books.

There are little drawings or sketches throughout the book. There are three that help you see different sections that occur frequently so it is easier to find them, etc. Then there are some of famous orators. They really are great little drawings!

The lessons are broken down to where you can complete the course in one year, but they also show how you could take it slower and cover it all in two years. We started out doing the one year, but it seemed a little fast for us, so I think from here on out we will be just going at a speed that might be in between the two? We will see. Our school year only has seven weeks left and we tend to have a lighter school load towards the end, so we might be able to stay on track for the one year.

Fitting Words video
One thing that I was surprised to like so much was the videos. We normally aren’t huge on the dvd learning, but these were great! In this video example for Lesson 4, they were reading from the text. It was meant to have two people talking so it was nice actually having that. What was the best was not having to read it myself out loud! ha!

The videos are such great quality too, which not a lot of videos are. They are very crisp visually and the speaking is very easy to hear and understand.
Fitting Words Video 2After the lesson is read, it moves on into the application part of the lesson. This goes over things that the lesson may have covered, or new things that are learned. I am thankful to for this because we can learn how to correctly pronounce each word without having to look them up in the dictionary. So we get a little lazy sometimes…..

The videos aren’t very long, in fact, the actual lessons aren’t very long really. They are just very thorough, so the complete lesson has taken us a while each time.
Fitting Words workbook
I may be picky, but one thing I absolutely love is when a company makes the workbook spiral bound. It’s so hard to try and hold open a book and write in it at the same time.

Some of the questions are review questions from the lesson, some ask how you feel about something, they are pretty much varied in the style of question asked so it doesn’t get get stagnant.

The answer key is set up to match with the workbook, which I also love, as it is easy to find where you are to start grading. The answers are actually in a handwriting font too, which makes it even easier!

There is also a three-hole punched exam packet. This saves printing!

I hadn’t heard of this company, Roman Roads Media, before we tried out Fitting Words Classical Rhetoric but I am sold! They thought of so many things to make it a very user-friendly curriculum. Everything is great quality as well. I am very impressed.

Christianity is also a large part of the curriculum, which is very rare for a rhetoric subject I have noticed from my experience with other studies that we have tried. I like how they weave it throughout the whole of the curriculum. There are also famous speeches by many different people throughout history. It is just a very complete set.

If you want to see what others thought of Fitting Words Classical Rhetoric (complete program) , feel free to click the banner below! You will also be able to see reviews on some of their other offerings, which are intriguing to me! Picta Dicta Natural World and Picta Dicta Vocabulary Builder. They both teach you Latin in a very easy to understand way! If you just click on these links to learn more, I think you will be fascinated by both of these as well!
Fitting Words Classical Rhetoric

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