Yearbook portraits..

Tomorrow I am doing our yearbook portraits for our homeschool group.

yearbook portraits

The crazy thing is that I will be using lights for the first time. I have never had a studio or anything to require them. I mean, hello beautiful light in Arizona 360 days out of the year… 😉

I am so thankful that my friend is letting me use her studio though, especially with the crazy weather we are having. I mean, the hurricane just left and who knows what’s coming!

She was very nice to set everything up for me so perfectly too. All I had to do was just come in and pick out a backdrop that she had and go from there! I picked white as that seemed completely different than the past years yearbook portraits.

Of course I will still be doing some outdoor shots, because how can you not? I think next year I will schedule them more into October so that I can get more fall color. Of course I also have to come up with a location for that. That’s the tricky thing. At least I have almost a year to think of something.

Looking forward to doing these portraits every year and I think this year will just be a fun change…

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