Forensic Faith for Kids {Review}

Y’all know how much I like to read and therefore we read a lot in school. This past month had us reading Forensic Faith for Kids by David C Cook and Case Makers Academy.
Forensic Faith cover
This book is geared towards kids that are younger than mine, but I was drawn in by a couple things when I first saw it.

First of all, the author, J. Warner Wallace is a cold-case homicide detective. I thought that was pretty cool. His cases have been featured in tv shows and news channels.

Another thing I thought was interesting was that he was an atheist until his mid-30s when he decided to follow Christ.

I think this book mixes both of things really well!

The story involves a few children, and the reader, in a couple different situations. One is to figure out where this adorable little dog came from, and the other is how to convince someone that Jesus is God.

Both of those are pretty huge! This book is written very well in regards for the audience reading it.
Forensic Faith definition
There are little sections in the book that have you do other things. Some involve reading passages in the Bible and answering questions, that sort of thing.. But actually one of my favorites is this definition section. I love reading how words came to be, what language they are from and what that word then means. I am fascinated with it all and I am glad that they put that in there!

The book is broken down into just eight chapters, and the book itself is not even 150 pages so it was definitely an easy read for us.

Even still, we did just read one chapter a day.
Forensic Faith Screen
Accompanying the book is an online tool that you can go to. The little sections in the book suggest using this website as well. As you log onto the site, it is broken down by chapter as well.

There is a video with a recap and some extra discussion on what happened in the chapter. You can also download a few things to do as you go through that specific chapter.

The buttons on the bottom have extras that you can download and print if you so choose.

The activity sheets are varied so they aren’t doing the same thing every chapter. Chapter 4 was fun, it had you write down all the characters names and then fill in the circled letters to spell something out at the bottom. There are also word searches and things like that.

There are notebook sheets that you can print out and keep in their own notebook. They are basically sheets to reinforce what they read, make sure they retain it. I like some of the questions asked as they are different from what other worksheets are like.

Lastly is a leader guide. This works in conjunction with another book from the same author, Forensic Faith: A Homicide Detective Makes the Case for a More Reasonable, Evidential Christian Faith.

I didn’t have this book as we were reading Forensic Faith for Kids, but I see now how well the two would pair together.

Anyway, the leader guide has you reading some from both books. In this chapter, it had a section on the important concepts as well as some good questions to ask. I think that for our family, I would have wanted to read both at the same time, to get the most out of them that we could!

I like the fact that the author doesn’t just say, this is why you should be a Christian and that’s that. You are sent out to find out answers for yourself and come to your own conclusion with those answers. It will more than likely not be instant, but definitely be plenty to think on for a while.

I think this book is great, even for older kids like mine! A great starting off point!

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