CashCrunch Careers {Review}

All three of my kids really don’t know exactly what they want to be when they grow up. I mean, they have ideas….but… I am sure you know how that is. We were excited to try out the CashCrunch Careers survey from CashCrunch Games.

A couple years ago Ryan did a free career test online with his homeschool co-op group. Nothing really clicked for him 100%, but then again, it was a couple years ago.

I wanted to try CashCrunch Careers with all three kids to see the different results for all of them.
The questionnaire is set up like any of the personality tests online pretty much. Just click the one that is more like you. A lot of them are similar but just using different words that help the results be more accurate.

The kids all did them at different times, but it worked out that they did them in age order, so I will mention Ryan first.
CashCrunch Results - Ryan2
CashCrunch Results Ryan3I like that it goes through and mentions the attributes as well as the motivators and de-motivators. Sometimes you many not even think that you feel about something so strongly until it is pointed out to you.

The Career Attributes section totally describes Ryan. Anyone that knows him would more than likely agree. I can totally see him in the other results section.

Now, I will list both of those sections for Kyle.

CashCrunch Results - Kyle
CashCrunch Results - Kyle2
This describes Kyle as well, although there was a couple surprises that I didn’t even think about, but totally make sense..

Here are the same sections for Lauren.
CashCrunch Results - Lauren2
CashCrunch Results - Lauren3
CashCrunch Results - Lauren4Again, these definitely describe Lauren!

All three of the kids are very calm and adaptable. They have a lot of similar results, but some definite different ones as well!

Now, you might be wondering what jobs they were matched up with since they were similar yet different in the above results. Here they are, with Ryan at the top, Kyle in the middle, and Lauren on the bottom.
CashCrunch Results - Ryan
CashCrunch Results - Kyle3
CashCrunch Results - LaurenIt is interesting that their results were similar yet different, just like they are. Almost all of them are management positions, which doesn’t fit any of them at all.

The website mentions that most people will get results that are similar like this. As you are looking at the list, you can then click on each job and it will bring you to another menu.
CashCrunch Agriculture
CashCrunch Agriculture4
So, in clicking on the Farmers & Ranchers section, one of the few that weren’t a manager position, you can see the tabs at the top. Under the Course tab, it lists the general duties, activities and then it shows how it matched up with the quiz you took.
CashCrunch Agriculture2
On the Colleges tab, it has a list of colleges that you could look into that involve this particular job.
CashCrunch Agriculture3
The video tab includes a video that shows more of what the job is, and different things about it.

You can see that you can click on any career on the list at the left, and it will take you to the same sort of page that you can then click through.

The site is very easy to navigate, which is always a plus in my opinion!

I do like seeing a lot of the different results, but I do wish that the listing for careers would be more in depth. None of my kids are interested in a manager position, but as you click through the different jobs, there are definitely some that they would be interested in.

And on another note, I didn’t realize that a funeral director would be such a popular job career on here…goodness..

All in all, I do like this program, I just wish the results were more finely tuned instead of mostly the manager type jobs that were listed. Immediately my kids just said that they weren’t interested in anything because they saw the word manager in the title.

I appreciate all the information that was gathered and listed into one place, the college lists and such. That is so helpful to have, especially if one of the jobs was interesting to you, you could just click on the list of schools and go from there…

It definitely gets you thinking!

If you want to read what others thought of their time with CashCrunch Careers, feel free to click the banner below!
CashCrunch Careers

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