Another fun trip!

We just had some crazy travel! This one was another fun trip!
another fun trip
This trip was squished in between two other trips, so it was pretty hectic!

Jeffy’s family flew in from Arizona and we rented a cabin-y type place for all of us. It worked out well as there was also a guest house that the two grandmas stayed in and almost everyone else had their own room. Kyle didn’t like the bed he had so he slept on the couch, and then Lauren and Emily shared a bed.

The place had it’s quirks but it was definitely something that added to the memories of the trip.

We got there on the 3rd, but his family wasn’t planning on getting there until after midnight as they had a late flight and then a little bit of a drive.

Emily’s birthday happened to be on the 4th, so we filled up as many balloons as the two helium tanks allowed and went to work. It was fun! It made it a bit more festive for them to walk in I think.

We had a bunch of fun playing some games, we went to the Biltmore for the Chihuly exhibit and we also did our favorite bike ride at the Virginia Creeper trail.

I was hoping for a bit more in the fall color department, but you can’t win them all! Maybe next year!!

I don’t have more pictures to share as I am writing this between stops, maybe I will add more at a later date!

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