Balancing Diapers and Deadlines {Review}

I don’t know about you, but I have a hard time getting things done by my deadlines. Well, they almost always get done on time, but I always wait until the last minute. It’s my own fault too! I was interested in checking out Balancing Diapers and Deadlines by Lisa Tanner Writing .

I don’t have any kids in diapers, and it’s been ages since they HAVE been in diapers, but I think this course applies anyway!

Now my kids have jobs and are looking at college options all while we are still homeschooling.

I have obligations that all have deadlines and doing the home stuff too, you know, like most moms out there!
Balancing Diapers - Course
As you log on, you can see a very easy to navigate menu. It is pretty self explanatory, just click on the first Unit and go from there!

Each unit has an introduction and then some lessons. These lessons are all different. Some give you things to think about, some give you ideas to implement, but they all go towards the same goal.

As you go through each section you can then mark it complete. That way you know where you left off. Or what I did in a couple spots was NOT mark it complete so that I could go back to that section again.

Balancing Diapers - Decisions

So far, this is the Unit that speaks to me the most!

I have the WORST time making decisions. What do I want for lunch? I don’t know. It’s the story of my life.

This unit reminds me of that meme that went around a while back, about the mind being like a computer with too many tabs open and the music playing, etc.

How many of us feel like that often? I know I do!

A lot of the suggestions mentioned in this section are so very good! Of course, some don’t really apply to me, and that’s ok, they may apply to you! It is just due to my kids ages mostly. So, if your kids are younger, this will be perfect!

I still like how she narrows down different ideas for your time. It’s just so simple. But to see it written down, with a plan, that makes it so much easier for me!

Like right now, I have quite a few things due. But you know what? I am also on a little vacation type thing. I want to go out and explore and see places that I have been wanting to see again for a long time…

But I also have these obligations and deadlines. And also the plus of fast internet, I mean, hello…definitely need to take advantage of that!

So the last few days have been like a game of tug of war. Yesterday I didn’t get much done because of jet lag and I pulled something in my shoulder area so I was just sore. But things must still get done!

Anyway! Another section that I need help with is chores. I have a great system down for the kids. It works out so well! When they do them….teens. But I wish I had this in place years ago!

She gives you ideas on chores around the house, laundry, all the good stuff. I am pretty proud of the system I have set up for the kids, but um…I kind of need a system for me! She mentions what she does and I am excited to figure this all out when I get home again!

We do get chores done, and it is usually pretty even for Jeffy and I, but some of the things sneak up on us. Mostly it is the chores that only need doing once a month. It would be nice to have something made up that would organize what we need to do daily, monthly, etc.

I am going to get on that asap!
Balancing Diapers - Meals
Another area that I want help in is for meals. Lately we have been having the same things every week. I love these things, but they are getting old. This past week we threw in two meals that we haven’t had in a while and it definitely made a difference!

I would like to look more into meal planning, and I think this section will be great for me. I haven’t had a chance to look at it thoroughly as I think I need to be home with all of my recipes and such around me.

But you can bet next week when I am back home, I will be sitting down and going through this Unit carefully!

There is so much that people can get out of this course. Even if all of it doesn’t apply to you, there is definitely help here! I mean, I don’t have a business and I don’t have kids in diapers. But I have already gotten so much information and the way it is written out just makes sense to me!

If you want to read what others thought of their time with Balancing Diapers and Deadlines feel free to click on the banner below!

Balancing Diapers and Deadlines

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