Dang airline status…

So, I thought that we were done traveling for the year. But then I get an email from the airline. If I just spend a couple hundred more dollars and get a few more flight segments in before the end of the year, I can bump up to Gold. Dang airline status…

Now we have to go on a few more trips, because I would rather fly somewhere than buy miles. I mean, it’s more fun, right?

I am thinking they will mostly just be overnight trips since Jeffy has to go to New York once a month anyway.

There really isn’t anything I need to see there until they are decorated for Christmas, so I think that they will be somewhat relaxing trips, minus the holiday travel that is always busier than usual.

I am looking forward to when they are done remodeling the airport. We go to Laguardia and it has been ages already and I know that there is still a ton left to do.

Are you traveling for the holidays or before the end of the year?

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