Ellie Claire Art Journals {Review}

A few years ago, I noticed a huge show of people doing the Bible art journaling. I thought it was so beautiful! While I admired it so much, I realized that it was all overwhelming and I didn’t know how to start something like that! In that time, I have noticed that it has kind of morphed into its own little thing and there isn’t just one correct way to do it! Ahhh, much less stressful! I was happy to get these Ellie Claire Art Journals to help me along the way!
Ellie Claire Art JournalsAll of these books are different, but really, they complement each other by teaching you different aspects of journaling! I will go through each one and point out different features of them.
Ellie Claire Art Journals
The Illustrated Word – An Illuminated Bible Coloring Journal.

Just as medieval monks brought Scripture to life through intricate handwritten and illustrated manuscripts hundreds of years ago, you can now create your own keepsake to be treasured for years to come. Forty illustrations have been recreated as line drawings to color. Full-color illustrations from the archives of the Museum of the Bible make this journal a true masterpiece.

Ellie Claire Art Journals

This journal is unique… There are a lot of pages included, with plenty of room to write on all of the pages.

Every other page spread looks like this one. A coloring page on the right and then a small cut out print of it on the left side. It gives you ideas on how you can color it from the original. It also mentions what illustration it is from. This particular one is from The Church of England Book of Common Prayer, 1662.

The variety throughout the book is such that you will definitely find something that will have you wanting to get out your markers. There are pages with animals, people, plants, designs..

On the spreads that don’t have this set up, there is just one small image on one corner and it is usually the full scale color image from the coloring page, or something to do with it. I love how it all ties in together!

This book is just a very easy casual coloring type book that you can journal in!

Ellie Claire Art Journals
Illuminate Your Story – Journal.

Illuminated letters once adorned the pages of books and Bibles giving them rich color and gliding that made the text come alive. Today, illuminated letters are enjoying a renaissance, encouraging beautiful illustration in planners, journals, and personal art.

Illuminate Your Story features easy-to-follow instructions, inspiring quotes, and practice space to help you create amazing letters, flourishes, and more. Whether you draw in your jornal, Bible, or elsewhere, this how-to guide will help you develop gorgeous images that add beauty to your story.

Ellie Claire Art Journals
This book fascinated me right from the first page. There was a nice introduction that explained about illuminated manuscript and over the next few pages it goes over the different styles of letters. Then there is a section called The Process about the lettering and another page on the supplies you need to create your own and how to use the journal.

The rest of the book is so full of details! I am hoping that I can give it justice by my explanations!

Each letter gets two full spreads of how to’s on how to make that letter. There is also a spread with journaling pages and at the top of one page is a quote that starts with that letter! In between are also some spreads on how to do certain designs. There are animals, but most of them are just different design features.

I will say that some of the letters that fall later in the alphabet only have one spread, etc,. That makes sense as they just aren’t used as often as the other letters.

But wait, there’s more! 🙂 The details on the back of the book are great too! There is a ribbon page marker to keep your spot, an elastic to keep the book closed, AND an elastic pen holder on the spine!

Like I said, this one is just full of all the small details…
Ellie Claire Art Journals
Faith & Lettering journal.

Reignite your devotional time, imprint Scripture on your heart, and dig deep into the Word of God through the art of lettering. Expert tips will help you pursue a deeper faith by expressing your God-given creativity.

Ellie Claire Art Journals
This book has a more modern feel to it than the last one. The colors and layout just make a happy book.

The first page has a presented to page that you can fill in. There are a couple pages of introduction that also include a how to use, which if there is one in anything I am doing, I always make sure to read it.

Also included are a lot of different pages in this book that help in your lettering. There are pages just like the one above with different Bible verses. They are all different, and with different colors, but all of them use these bright colors. They are so pretty!

Of course there are journaling pages too, as you can see in the picture.. Then, throughout the book are some practice pages. They have the lettered Bible verse and then another one that is fainter for you to trace. A few more sections for you to do it on your own are also on the page.

Another thing that is interspersed through the book are pro tips. It could be flourishes or banners, or whatever.. But there is a tip and then plenty of room for you to practice the mentioned item.

The colors in this book are so pretty and happy! This book also has an elastic on the spine to keep a pen.

All three of these books are so helpful and unique! But like I mentioned, they all kind of work together with different things taught! They all will lay flat when you set them down so that you don’t have to hold them open and the pages are thicker to help with bleeding from pens. The price is good as well, just being a few dollars range from each other.

Depending on what you are looking for when it comes to learning journaling, you could get any one of these, or get all three! Make sure to check out the website for Ellie Claire Art Journals too!

I was provided these journals to review and these are all my opinions. In fact, I don’t think I could pick a favorite!

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