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Have you jumped on the record bandwagon these last few years? I love records! I still had a few in storage that I never got rid of from when I was young! We bought an inexpensive record player a few … Continue reading

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11th grade school year!

I forgot to really talk much about our 11th grade school year! We had to start our new school year a week after ending our last school year, so I didn’t have a ton of time to get things as … Continue reading

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How is your January?

How is your January? Are you looking forward to the rest of 2019? I enjoy the new year because it is still winter and still exciting.. But then I think it is just a downhill trip to summer. I just … Continue reading

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What I read in November and December

Happy New Year!! Our internet was all sorts of wonky the last month or so. I had a hard time checking emails, much less updating blogs and such! It is still pretty bad, but we keep hearing of a new … Continue reading

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