11th grade school year!

I forgot to really talk much about our 11th grade school year!

Back to school

We had to start our new school year a week after ending our last school year, so I didn’t have a ton of time to get things as ready as I usually do! But I am pretty happy with how the year is going so far!

Of course we are sticking with Notgrass because I love it so much. This year we are doing Government and next year we will do economics. I know most people just do one semester of each in the same year.

We will be doing Notgrass the first semester and then we are going to use something from Critical Thinking Co. about the Bill of Rights that I thought looked great for the second semester. It basically lists a bunch of cases and you have to apply the Bill of Rights to them and judge how they should turn out. Figuring it kind of ties in to our first semester and making it more ‘real’!

For the rest of the subjects we are using curriculum from Build Your Library. Well, except math. I’ll talk about that in a minute. But the grade 11 curriculum includes credit for Art, English, Chemistry, History, Poetry, and History of the English Language.

This is a secular curriculum and it is definitely secular. Some of the book choices have things in it that we normally wouldn’t be talking about. I try and skip over these if I see them in time. Our differences definitely show up with this, ha!

But I do like the emphasis on all of the book reading and English language/Poetry and just everything. There is just the right amount of homework. Granted, with the Notgrass mixed in, there is a lot more than what they are used to, but I figure with that being just one semester it will be ok.

They are now doing college classes three times a week, so they really have to learn to keep track of their time and their homework. It is only two classes though.

For math, we started out continuing with what we did last year, but I think they got burned out. So, as I was asked to review a new program for us, I am going to let them do that for 20 minutes a day. I think it will be a great break for them, but still do math each day.

So, it’s only been a few weeks, but I am looking forward to how the school year will play out. If we can avoid taking huge breaks we might just end at a decent time this year rather than dragging it out until the end of December! Let’s hope!

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