Have you jumped on the record bandwagon these last few years? I love records! I still had a few in storage that I never got rid of from when I was young!

record player

We bought an inexpensive record player a few years ago and have been getting so much use out of it! We have such an unusual collection of records at the moment though!

We have my old ones from storage that include Michael Jackson and George Michael.. There are some that we got at thrift stores and the record store in the next city over that include The Beatles and Johnny Cash. There are some new ones like Lauren Daigle and Guardians of the Galaxy soundtracks. Oh, and I got Jeffy some for Christmas that were Miles Davis and Louis Armstrong.

Jeffy and I love hanging out and listening to them with a drink. We both can’t wait until our remodel is finished so we don’t have to sit at the table though. It would be great to have a nice comfy chair our couch…

I just love the sound that a record has when it is playing. There is nothing like it. And for some reason we have been LOVING the old music, jazz and even stuff from the 40s lately. I guess we are getting old, lol.

Are you on the record bandwagon with us? 🙂 What is your favorite kind of music?

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