Heirloom Audio For the Temple {Review}

You guys know that I am a huge fan of Heirloom Audio. I recently had the opportunity to listen to their newest production, For the Temple.
http://www.forthetemplehenty.com/I say this frequently, but I think this one is one of my top two favorites. It is a tie with another one that we listened to. It really caught our attention early on, and kept it!

The main story starts out with John, a gardener, and his love Mary. They are talking about being married and everything that entails.

And as so often is the case, life happens. While Mary and John are on a boat, a storm comes and sets them off course. Jewish fighters save them and John gets involved in their cause. This requires him to be off fighting many battles and Mary doesn’t know anything about what is going on.

John is gone for a long time and ends up getting quite the reputation from the battles! And not a bad one! Word has traveled back to Mary about a warrior named John that has succeeded in battles and she jokes about this man named John that is so famous and that there is no way it is ‘her’ John… And of course, what does she soon find out? Ahhh, I love that part…

This audio story had a great story line. Definitely more than what I included here, this part I mentioned was just a favorite. It was actually quite involved and really put into perspective the story of the Temple and trying to save it.

What I liked was that there wasn’t too much violence included. Some of them are a bit too much for me, but then again, I am not a fan of fighting anyway. I know it has to be included though since that is what life was like.

The acting was extremely well done, as usual. My husband kept coming in as we were watching thinking that we were watching a movie. He kept commenting how well done it was. He hasn’t had an opportunity to hear one before! I think he is a huge fan now!
For The Temple study guideEvery now and again we get a study guide included with our audio story and we love them! Each track has it’s own section on the study guide. It will typically have three different sections.

Listening Well is basically the questions to see how much you retained of what happened. Telling back the story from the questions. Sometimes you get so involved in the story that you miss something, so you can always just listen to that one section again. We would listen to only a couple tracks a day so that was easy to do. Most of the questions were easy enough to answer, but some of the questions were tricky!
For the TempleThe next section is Thinking Further. This is my favorite section. There are more questions, but they are more involved. Some of them are asking your opinion, others are asking you to find out something, and others are asking you to draw something. I love the variety and it really helps get that extra involvement in the story, to make it more real. This was a quick activity to find out how far it was from Yodfat to the Sea of Galilee. Instead of just writing it down, they just did a quick picture.

The last section are Defining Words, which is basically just definitions. I will say that the kids knew most of the words, but there were a couple that threw them for a loop! I know that the younger crowd will most definitely want a dictionary to work through them!

The very end has some wonderful things, especially for older kids like mine! Book suggestions and Bible studies. We have not gotten through the Bible studies yet, but in looking at them, they look wonderful so I would want to take my time with them.

I don’t want to say too much about the story, but it is just so well done, you really get invested in the characters. My favorite is John, of course. He changed so much throughout the story, but yet stayed true to who he was, and his word.

You really can’t go wrong with anything from Heirloom Audio. And they aren’t just for kids either, like I said, my husband is now a huge fan! If you want to read what others thought, feel free to click the banner below!
Heirloom-Audio-Productions-For-The-Temple-ReviewsHeirloom Audio For the Temple

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