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Our family was given the opportunity to try out IXL from IXL Learning recently.. I thought we would use it because they have math all the way to twelfth grade, but we decided to do something differently!
IXL bannerI first logged in and set up each account. This part was so very easy! The account has one main account. And then each person can have their own ‘secret word’ to access their account. They also get their own little person or picture to represent their account as well.
IXL Diagnostic 1To start, I had planned to have each child do two weeks in the Diagnostic section. This shows weak areas and would give me an idea of where we needed more work. We have had such a rough go with math in high school finding just the right fit!

After that I was just going to have them start in the area that they were roughly in and just keep going.

Well, the results from the Diagnostic section were eye-opening! So, after the two weeks in the Diagnostic section, I decided to just let the program lead them on what they needed to work on!

Since they were doing Algebra and other high school math before this, it’s been a long time since they worked on some of these other questions. It was crazy to see that there were some things in 4th grade, or 7th grade, that they needed to review. But it makes sense since it has been so long!

I figured that doing all of this review would be better than continuing the high school math for a while, and I think they appreciated the ‘break’ that it gave them.

They logged in every school day for a minimum of 20 minutes. I think that is a good amount of time to get a lot done each week, especially with their college schedule.
IXL UsageWhat I love is that on the parent account, you can see when they logged in, for how long, and what they worked on. It will also list questions that were trouble spots so you can work on them with your child if you choose.
IXL DiagnosticYou can click through all of these tabs to see what your child is doing. Everything on the parent side is so very well organized and user-friendly! I am very impressed with that end of it!

As your child continues through the questions, the program adapts to the things they have mastered. It will then introduce new things that they need help with and just keep moving on through.

The kids have enjoyed it as well. They said that the questions are very easy to get what they are asking of them. That has been a sore subject in the past! They are remembering how to do things that they were doing before letters got involved….and are understanding how everything works together.

I would definitely recommend this to anyone that asks for a math program!

But for the awesome part, they also have other subjects! We just focused on math as that is the area we needed the most help in, but for high school grades you can work on Language Arts too! Pre-K to first grade is Math and Language Arts, but once you hit second grade up to eighth grade, it adds science and social studies. And something new is they added Spanish!

We have an annual membership, but monthly programs start at just $9.95!

I think that this would be a great addition to any homeschool or even if you just wanted extra help in different subjects! If you want to read what others thought of their time with IXL, feel free to click the banner below! I am sure that others had kids in different grades that used something besides just the math! Worth checking out for sure!

IXL Learning

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