What I read in March

Sooo… Do you want to know what I read in March?
You will be sorely disappointed.. As I am. I thought for sure that there was more, but I guess not. I did start one book that is quite long and involved and I just haven’t had as much time as normal to read. So alas, here is what I read in March.

What I read in March
The Tudor Tutor by Barb Alexander – From the bloody Wars of the Roses to Queen Elizabeth I’s iconic rule, the Tudor Dynasty was a period of sex, scandal, and intrigue. Monarchs such as Henry VIII and Queen Elizabeth I have become a part of modern pop culture, resulting in endless parodies, satires, rumors, and urban legends that grace our television screens. But as with all urban legends and parodies, facts surrounding the lives of these rulers are greatly exaggerated. In this entertaining guide, Barb Alexander serves to debunk those rumors and educate you about the dynasty.

History doesn’t have to be dry, boring, and difficult to read. As an educator, Barb knows exactly how to engage an audience. This pocket-sized guide is not only informative, but also filled with cheek, snark, and wit. With 50 beautiful illustrations that depict Tudor Monarchs and key players during their rule, this book is guaranteed to garner a chuckle or two. So sit back, relax, and enjoy the lesson. Before long, you’ll be sharing Tudor history facts that will be sure to impress your less-informed peers.

What I thought: Well, it was a book that was a nice change from some of the stuffier school books that we have read. It was a fun book about a topic that might not be a favorite for some people. I loved the illustrations throughout the book though for sure!

So, that concludes what I read in March. Disappointing, eh? Yes, I thought so…

Hopefully next month will have more books read, as I am usually at least four books ahead on my goodreads goal and now I am only just on track!!

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