Sound, and Fluid Dynamics {Review}

We have had many years of science over the last eight or so years of homeschooling three children. We have done many different forms of curriculum as well, as we love changing things up a bit! I was definitely intrigued by a new online science, Sound, and Fluid Dynamics from CrossWired Science.
Sound, and Fluid Dynamics 1
I can honestly say that I haven’t seen anything like this in all the different sciences we have tried!

After logging in for the first time to check it out, I was a little overwhelmed at first. But once I looked around a bit more, it all made sense on how it worked. There are tips on each page to help you too, just in case.

One thing that was added recently was a section with different calendars. After a few years of doing unit studies a lot when they were younger, we tend to like more of a scheduled school day. It also works with their college schedule.
Sound, and Fluid Dynamics Calendar 1
This is the standard calendar. It is great if you have different age groups working together. It is also the same one that is used for the lower levels. There is another one that is meant for the older kids that is a one month version. It cuts out certain things but it all kind of evens out. They even include 4, 5, and 6 week blank calendars that you can customize to fit your own schedule.

I admit, our schedule was kind of wonky because the kids were coming to the end of their college semester, but it really was a nice break to log in to this program! Not that it was an easy thing per se, but that it was informative while going about it in an almost entertaining way.

Since my kids are older, we do a lot of book science lately. You know the kind….. But with Sound, and Fluid Dynamics we learned so much already in the short time we have been using them!
Sound, and Fluid Dynamics coursesThe two courses are Sound, and Fluid Dynamics. They are just the first two of many more to come. In choosing what to start first, I chose Sound, because honestly, I wasn’t sure what Fluid Dynamics was just from the title..

I have never learned so much about the ear and hearing before. Even after a very lengthy Biology course that we did last year!

As you click on the image, it will take you to everything that you will need for your course! Such a wonderful thing to have it all in one place, and easy to understand what each thing is! I appreciate user friendly-ness.

They include experiments that are unlike most science experiments. There are so many that I would love to do that we haven’t yet. Using flour clay to make the mini bones of the ear. How fascinating is that!?! I love it.

Another is something as simple as trying to record 25 different bird calls. Sure, most people don’t have 25 different birds around their house, but you could go to a zoo, to a different part of your state, or anything! We have one around here that we have been hearing lately, we aren’t sure what it is though yet!
Sound, and Fluid Dynamics video
There are plenty of videos on the site. They are very short, most just a few minutes long. The information moves very quick, so I highly suggest making sure there are no distractions while it plays! There is so much information included that you don’t want to miss it!

Each video is a mix of people talking, photographs, graphics, etc. Everything moves fast, like I mentioned, but it definitely kept our interest.

After each video is a little quiz. It will be automatically graded at the end! You can view the quiz again after if you’d like, or just keep going to the next section. There are also printable worksheets that are great!

If you look on the calendar above, you can see all of the different things to do for each topic. They supply everything off of the one page. Of course you can click ahead if you’d like. But they even have devotionals, and the digging deeper sections are definitely fascinating.

You can tell that this took them a lot of man hours to put together. The site has undergone quite a bit of changes just since we first logged on, as they are constantly adding more to it! They hope to have enough on their site for years of science!

By the way, Fluid Dynamics is the flow of something. 😉 But it includes much more of what you are probably thinking. One of the experiments with this one is dissecting a fish or shark, we’ve got that one done already! hehe..

There is a section on their website called Why We Do What We Do, and I highly suggest that you read it. I love everything that they say. There is a section about fieldtrips and they mention how they think it is so important for kids to just get outside and experience nature, and life, and just see everything that God has blessed us with. That is huge with me, I do think that kids need to get outside more!

If you would like to read how others used Sound, and Fluid Dynamics from CrossWired Science, feel free to click the banner below. There have been kids of all ages using this and I am sure that there is someone that has kids that are your kids ages!
Sound, and Fluid Dynamics




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