Change of plans

Change of plans mountains

Well, it looks like there is going to be a change of plans!

All of the preparations and ideas and everything are just going to have to be put aside. The remodel turned into a rather large addition and the cost outweighed the gain.

So now it looks like we are going to move!

As much as we love our property, the house isn’t going to work for our needs anymore.

We are excited about a change. Recently we looked at a couple houses in the mountains, which we never thought about before now. All of us agreed that we miss the mountains that surrounded us when we lived in Arizona.

One house was pretty neat, it was on the top of a hill. It had a great area for my mom to stay but it didn’t have a barn or anything. And there were some other things that made it not be a perfect fit.

Another house that we were looking at has amazing views…a couple barns, a spot for my mom.. Not much would have to be done to move into that one. We are still looking everyday!

It’s quite hard to find a house that meets all of our needs…not just wants, but needs. I mean, space for all of our birds and goats…a spot for my mom and possibly Jeffy’s mom.. Not much to choose from at the moment online!

We know that there isn’t going to be something that is perfect, but it would be great to find something that comes close! We are looking forward to seeing what else is out there!

It’s been almost seven years since we moved here and really, not sure anyone had moving on their radar. But now that it is out there, I think we are all kind of excited.

How do you feel about moving? How many times have you moved? One time we moved five times in 18 months, so I am thankfully glad that is done…ha!

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One Response to Change of plans

  1. Sara says:

    We are moving too! After 7 years in Chandler we’re moving to….. tempe hahaha :). Hey, I *would have been a half hour closer now 😉

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