CLEP & DSST Exam Prep {Review}

With kids in high school in can be slightly overwhelming when it comes to homeschooling. There are so many options! And testing! We recently tried out a three month subscription to to try out their CLEP and DSST prep materials!

My two teens are at the tail end of their first semester taking college courses. In looking at the selection of courses that they have to accomplish to get their AA, I was curious if there was anything on that would help them!

The site is very user friendly. You can log in and just go straight to what you are looking for! Like in the image above, you can use the drop down menus or just type in the search bar. Each section then has a list of the courses you can pick.

We dove right in! Thought it would be interesting to take a couple science practice tests in the CLEP section.
Oops! Looks like we need more practice on this one! It’s been a while since we did Biology….

After looking around the CLEP section for a while, we decided to look at the DSST section. Right away I noticed a public speaking test! That is one of the classes that they are going to need for their AA in college! We just jumped right in with the test.
Look at that, much better! Of course you can’t really compare public speaking to biology…ha! But what I find great about is how thorough it is.
It lists your strengths and weaknesses. This allows you to then make sure you hit on the right areas more. Also on this page are some other statistics about your test that you just took. You can track test results from when you take the test again…it will have different questions. It will compare how well you did to others and also compare the time frame in which you took the test.

Further down, you can turn on the question results. It will show you each question and selection of answers just like it looked on your test. It will highlight what you answered and if you got it correct or not. In looking at our results for this particular test, I realize that one question we read maybe too fast, but our answer was ridiculous. That made us go slower next time.
After you take the test and get your results, you can look to the right of the percentage as shown in the pic above, and it shows you what course the exam was taken from. You can then start the course right from there! You don’t have to search for it or anything!

This image shares all the information you would want to know about this particular course. I like that it tells you when it was last updated. This one was 2018, so that’s great! It also says that new lessons are still being added. I like that too!

They really took a lot of time when designing their site. There are a lot of links to things that you will want to click on and they make sure they are right there!
The course has a quick video. I think my kids, I mean, I…appreciated the title of this one. That is one question they both have asked. Why Do I Need to Do It? Coming from a family of introverts, I get it! But alas, they need it.

The video is done with a sort of cartoon, but it isn’t childish. I like that underneath is also a transcript that you can follow along with, or look back at later. It also lists who the instructor is as well as their credentials.
Hooray, 100%! If you get a score you don’t like, you can retake the quiz, or just continue to the next lesson. Also on this page is a worksheet. You can do the worksheet on the screen as well as printing it if you prefer.

You can do just one lesson, or a few, in one sitting. As you are taking lessons, on the right of the screen shows you a little about that chapter in the course, as well as what is coming up.
You can retake the Practice Exam at any time! Look! Just after a few lessons it increased from 62% to 74%!

I think that does a great job in their CLEP and DSST prep materials. There are numerous subjects that you can choose. Their website also has many other sections besides these prep courses, it is definitely something to check out!

If you want to check out what others spent their time checking out on, feel free to click the banner below! CLEP & DSST Exam Prep


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