Pathway to Liberty Homeschool Curriculum {Review}

Throughout our homeschool years we have focused heavily on History. Every year has been a major historical study. We recently started using Pathway to Liberty’s Universal History, part of Pathway to Liberty’s History Curriculum, from Pathway to Liberty Homeschool Curriculum.
Pathway to LibertyThis history curriculum is different than any other we have used. It focuses heavily on a Biblical worldview, which others also do, but I guess they just go about it differently.

Universal History starts at the beginning of the Bible and looks at different people and events that were happening. It begins with Creation and ends with Ancient Greeks.

We are using level 4 which is intended for 10th-12th grade. It is pretty intense, so you may want to look throughout the site to make sure you get the correct level for your family.

What we got were the two books shown above which are the Teacher Guide and the Student Guide. With the older grades, you as the parent can choose how involved you want to be. I am always right in the middle of everything, so that is what we did.
The Chain of LibertyAlso included in our package were these two books, The Chain of Liberty and the Study Guide that accompanies it. These books would be great even by themselves for your own use! They aren’t very big books, but there is a lot of information packed in! And the study guide asks great questions to make sure that you understood what you just read.

I am loving these books because this semester we are studying Government. A lot of the things we have learned about have been mentioned in this book, in more detail, which is fantastic!

All of this goes so well together, and it is highly suggested that you get these two books. There are other books that you will need with this curriculum. Some you may be able to find at the library, or borrow from a friend, others you may have to buy. You can check the book list to see what is listed.

We started at the beginning of the study, but you are more than welcome to start anywhere you would like. We weren’t studying any particular part of history this year, so we just decided to start at the beginning.

The study is 26 weeks long. Weeks 1-7 are Foundations in Genesis. I liked that some of the first couple weeks were devoted to the days of Creation. I mean, who doesn’t like that? Other weeks include Adam, Noah, Sons of Noah, Shem, and Terah.

Weeks 8-15 is Dawn of Nations, which talks about ancient civilizations. It also talks about the Tabernacle and the Covenant.

Weeks 16-26 cover a lot! It starts with the Judges, different empires and finally into Ancient Greece. This is the largest section.

The teacher book is set up nicely, very easy to understand what they were wanting. At the beginning of each week is a weekly overview that will let you know basically what is going on. There is also a list of teaching objectives.

Then, which everyone knows by now, what I love when curriculum does it…adds what to do each day.. Ahhh!! It takes such a load off. It is broken down by levels.. So really, you could do this with children of different ages, they would just need the appropriate workbook that goes along with their level.
Pathway to Liberty workbookThe student book lists these things as well at the beginning of each week so that everyone is on the same page. But the rest of the pages in each week are workbook style. They read or watch a video and then fill out the workbook pages.

I like that that workbook questions are written in a large font. Sometimes you see a workbook and it is a small font with not a lot of room to write. As long as you don’t write too large, there should be plenty of room for even long answers!

Going back to videos… There are a lot of YouTube videos to watch. If you are like us and live where the internet is not that great, just keep it in mind. We had times of the day that the internet was better than others, so we took advantage of it. But when your highest speed is 4mbps, it gets a little tricky.

As much as I loved the weekly schedule, it was just a bit much for us right now. We ended up taking a week and a half to two weeks for each lesson. But that is acceptable to do! I think once we don’t have to drive to the college three times a week we could do the weekly schedule just fine.

You can earn different credits as well with this curriculum! History is one credit, Bible and English are anywhere from 1/2 to one credit depending on how much they do. This video explains a bit about the curriculum. It will also go into the levels a bit too.

Like I mentioned, Pathway to Liberty Homeschool Curriculum is different than other History curricula that I have seen. They did a great job! It is very thorough and quite interesting. It really makes you think, not just learn the same old stuff. I would definitely look at the levels to make sure that you get the correct one for your child. It can get pretty intense!

Since I did level 4 of the Universal History, you can click on the banner below to read reviews of people that did The Middle Ages, U.S. History, and World History. You can also read about them trying the different levels.
Pathway-to-Liberty-History-Curriculum-Reviews-20109Pathway to Liberty Homeschool Curriculum

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