Vocabulary Virtuoso PSAT-SAT Book 1 {Review}

You guys know how much I love The Critical Thinking Co. We have used their products since we first started homeschooling! Lately we have been using Vocabulary Virtuoso PSAT-SAT Book 1 (Grades 8-12+) for a bit now, and it is great!
Vocabulary Virtuoso cover
On a typical school week we do spelling four of those days, but we only did vocabulary off and on. I was excited to get back into studying it with a more fun approach.

With The Critical Thinking Co. products, we have always ordered the books. This time around we got a digital PDF version and I am kind of loving that format!

I get ready for the school week on the weekend, so I have plenty of time to print everything out and get it situated. I was able to print out the daily work ahead of time and separate it by day so it was easier for them to know what to do.
Vocabulary Virtuoso list
This is the layout that you can see as you open the file. You can easily click on what list you need, and also the answer section. You can then print however many worksheets you want.

Normally I would just give one lesson a day… but since they are old enough and scheduling their own time, I just gave them the weeks worth that they could then do when they wanted. I did keep the weeks Vocabulary List out so they could look at it.

Each Vocabulary List includes nine words. And each week focuses on different forms of speech. Nouns, adjectives, etc. I never thought about it, but I really like this approach! If you are having a problem with a word, you will be able to remember what other words you learned at the same time and it can jog your memory.

For Vocabulary Virtuoso PSAT-SAT Book 1, each list has the same layout for their worksheets. Although there is an ongoing storyline throughout the whole book. The storyline is set in a classroom and is actually quite entertaining.

Each part of the lesson is done in such a way as to really help you learn the words.
Vocabulary Virtuoso words
First is the list of words. Like I mentioned, there are nine words in each list. For example, this week is all about adverbs. I love that they have the pronunciation on there, that is so important! They also show other word form(s) if there are any. And then along with the definition, it also lists a sample sentence.
Vocabulary Virtuoso worksheet 2
The first section, A, is a fill in the blank. You have a word box to choose from, with hints to help you figure out the correct word.
Vocabulary Virtuoso worksheet 3
Section B is another fill in the blank with just using the word box and no hints.
Vocabulary Virtuoso worksheet 4
Section C is the story that I mentioned earlier. The kids in the story are learning as the story progresses, which I think is a neat thing to do. The story line covers history and writing so you get that extra learning in there as well. It is also a fill in the blank.
Vocabulary Virtuoso worksheet
Here is section D. I figured I would show a printed copy. They don’t stay unwrinkled for long, lol. This one is fun as it is word scrambles. My kids are so good at these! You are supposed to pick the word that fits the sentence and the underlined word the best.
Vocabulary Virtuoso worksheet 5
Section E is basically just picking the best match from the word box.

Vocabulary Virtuoso worksheet 6
The last section, F, is great for making sure they know how to use the word. They will need to finish the sentence.

At the end of every four lessons is a review. There are a few more sections, one of which is a crossword puzzle. The other two are a multiple choice and something fun where they list a fictional book title and you have to pick the best word that could be found in that book title. It’s a great idea!

So like I mentioned, I give them sections A-F at the beginning of the week and they can do as much or as little as they want throughout the week. On review weeks, I let them just take a break and work on just the three review pages.

They have really retained a lot of these words! I really think it helps that they are grouped together by forms of speech.

The Critical Thinking Co. also has a Vocabulary Virtuoso PSAT-SAT Book 2 if you want to continue! Maybe your child finishes this book in lightning speed, who knows! Feel free to use this coupon to pick up as many as you want!
The-Critical-Thinking-Company-Discount-Coupon-Code-2019-15-discount-and-FREE-ShippingAlong with the second version of Vocabulary Virtuoso, they have many other books available for many other age groups! Here is a small selection:

Pattern Explorer Beginning (Grades 3-4)
Elementary Math Games (Grades 3-5)
Critical Thinking Detective – Vocabulary Book 2 (Grades 5-12+)
Dare to Compare: Math Level 2 (Grades 6-7)
Middle School Math Games (Grades 6-8)
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If you want to read what others thought about any of these items, feel free to click the link below! Like I mentioned, we have been using The Critical Thinking Co. since we first started homeschooling. We love them!
Vocabulary Virtuoso PSAT-SAT Book 1


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