The Wars of the Jews {Review}

This year, the kids didn’t have a Bible study like they have had for the last couple years in high school. For the past few weeks I have had Kyle using The Wars of the Jews set from Memoria Press. We have used Memoria Press for years now, it is definitely a favorite!
The Wars of the JewsWe received the complete set. It included the books you see above.

The main book is The Wars of the Jews: The Fall of Jerusalem. It was written by Josephus but translated by William Whiston. Thankfully.
The Wars of the Jews BookThis book includes book five and six, and there are 18 chapters altogether. The words are larger, which is nice. I also like the pictures throughout as well!

Since the book was starting in Book five, and in Chapter 6, it just kind of jumps right in. It takes a lot to figure out what is going on at the beginning! I think he read the first few pages a couple times until he figured it out. But once he got over that, the rest made a lot more sense.
The Wars of the Jews StudentAlso included in the set is the Student Guide. Each lesson is set up the same except for the first one, which has a couple vocabulary words included. There is a Facts to Know section and then some Comprehension Questions.

I think the Facts to Know section is great, especially the first lesson. It tells you about people and events that were important at that time. There are also some quotations included.

The Comprehension Questions are all just write in for the answer. There are some decent questions in there! In the image above, you can see that my son didn’t answer one of the questions. It was a perfect opportunity to go over it together.

There is a Review in the back of the book that has quite a few questions to answer. This makes it evident that you really need to have retained what you read!

Also in the set is the Teacher Guide. One of the things that I have always loved about Memoria Press is that the student and teacher guide are set up the same so you can turn to the corresponding page in each book and it will have the exact layout.

Since they are the same layout, I didn’t take a picture of the book. But I did want to mention that included in the teacher guide is a test. It is longer and more involved than the review.

With Kyle’s summer college courses starting up, we have only been able to make it through Book five so far. The first two weeks we worked on it three times a week, and then the last two weeks we had to really slow down to only once a week. But honestly, it almost seems better to go at a slower pace!

We will still be working through this for a while, since their college course load is pretty heavy this summer. But we are all looking forward to getting to book six!

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There really is something for everyone! You can see our other favorite products by Memoria Press on my website!

The Wars of the Jews

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