Joy of Discovery with Learning Objectives {Review}

We have used unit studies since we first started homeschooling. I have always been a little envious of those that could make a unit study out of anything! I know a couple people in our homeschool group that can do just that! A couple weeks ago I received Joy of Discovery w Learning Objectives from Hewitt Homeschooling Resources.
Joy of Discovery w Learning ObjectivesThis binder is actually two separate publications just packaged together. You can get each one by itself, but really, they go so great with each other that it just makes sense to get it this way!
The Joy of Discovery TitleThe first part is The Joy of Discovery How to Teach with Unit Studies. To me, this part basically makes it less overwhelming. Because that is how I viewed making up my own unit studies before! I had no idea where to start!

They came up with an I³ method that I think nails down everything you need to do to make up your own unit study!

The first I is ‘Individual’ decides on a topic of interest. If you already have one in mind, this part is easy. If you are just going blindly trying to come up with something, it is a little more tricky! They also have some suggestions on different topics, and if none of those work for you, I am sure that you could branch off of them to come up with something perfect.

The next I is ‘Inquiry’ to define one question. There are so many topics that are quite general, that you should narrow it down a bit. Maybe you find something that is quite interesting and you can go off from there. If it goes a little deeper or more varied than that even, then you can come up with ideas for even more unit studies!

With the first two Is, they are helping you figure out what you want to study…while the last I actually IS the study!

The last I stands for Instruction. This is broken down in to a few parts that will all help you as you make up your unit study. One thing that they touch on that I am glad about is learning styles. Learning styles are so important in homeschool. Or anything really!
The Joy of Discovery WheelIncluded in the binder is a wheel that, once you figure out the learning style, it helps break down on how you should be teaching! This is so great! It is very easy to assemble.

So, for example, if my child were a visual learner we would spend time making diagrams or graphs, or even a card game! If my child was a written learner, they would be working more on journals, essays, or even worksheets. It really helps narrow down what you include in your unit study!

The rest of the information is packed full with answers to questions and ways to help create a learning environment. There are so many questions that are answered, I can’t imagine having one that wasn’t answered!

There are also worksheets that will help you as you are making up your own unit studies. You can copy new ones whenever needed…which is definitely a bonus!
Learning Objectives TitleThe last half of the book is Learning Objectives. This breaks down an example of what each child should learn in a particular grade. These will all help you as you plan your unit studies and see what can be grouped together!
Learning Objectives ChartHere is an example in part of the 8th grade section. Now, this is only a guide, so if they didn’t do something that was in a grade previous, you should make sure they do that first. We all know that homeschoolers don’t always follow a ‘grade’. Remember, this is only a guide, but it is a quite helpful guide!

It also goes over Art, Music, and Character Development. I think that last topic needs to be taught more in schools, just saying. 😉

All in all, I think this is a fantastic resource! Even though my kids are in high school, I really feel that I can make this work for coming up with our own unit studies! And it isn’t so overwhelming as I thought it was before reading this book!

If you would like to read what others thought of Joy of Discovery w Learning Objectives feel free to click the banner below! There are also reviews of other Hewitt Homeschooling Resources that might appeal to you! One of which I have used before and it was fantastic, Speech. But there are some great literature studies in there for all grades! Check it out!
Lightning-Literature-My-First-Reports-State-History-Notebook-Joy-of-Discovery-Hewitt-Homeschooling-Resources-Reviews-2019Joy of Discovery with Learning Objectives

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