Our goat yard..

When we first moved in, this area was all just trees and brush! I love our goat yard!
our goat yard
This is one thing I will definitely miss once we move. Granted, they will have a bigger yard, but it won’t have trees and things to jump on. At least for a while.

The goats have gotten into their groove here too.

Mama Goat was very skittish when we got her, don’t think she was given much attention at her first home. She is like a different goat completely now!

Charlie mourned Mikey for a long time.. Then his horn fell off and he was embarrassed and hid for a while. But he is right in with the other goats now, even though he can’t head butt as hard as they can.

Cody is a monster. I don’t know how he got so big, we were never showed who the dad was, it must have been the biggest goat there though. He’s so awkward too, since he is still fairly young. The other two can run and be crazy, and he tries…he is just so big…ha!

But we love them, and are excited for them to have more room. Everything else will just come in time…

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