What I read in August

Oh my goodness.. This month is even worse than last month! I am not sure what is happening to me. I miss reading so much but I just haven’t been able to do it lately! We have been driving back and forth to both houses so often and just busy busy busy at each house. I can’t even read during breakfast, which I love to do. At least school will start up again soon, and that will help! Here is what I read in August!

What I read in August
All the Lost Things by Michelle Sacks – A simmering family drama about a father and daughter who embark on a road trip through the American South — but what they’re leaving behind is as important as what lies ahead.

When we first meet seven-year-old Dolly, she immediately grabs us with a voice that is both precocious and effervescent. It has been a while since her dad has spent time with her, just the two of them, and so when he scoops her up and promises to take her on the adventure of a lifetime, Dolly is thrilled.
The first days on the road are incredibly exciting. Every pit stop promises a new delight for Dolly and her favourite plastic horse, Clemesta, who she’s brought along for the adventure. There are milkshakes, shopping sprees, a theme park, and all the junk food she isn’t allowed to eat under her mother’s watchful eye. And, for the first time, she has her father’s attention all to herself. But as they travel farther south, into a country Dolly no longer recognizes, her dad’s behavior grows increasingly erratic. He becomes paranoid and irresponsible, even a little scary. The adventure isn’t fun anymore, but home is ever further away. And Dolly isn’t sure if she’ll ever get back.
A compulsively readable work of psychological suspense from the first mile to the last, All the Lost Things introduces a remarkable young heroine who leaps off the page, charts a life-changing journey, and ultimately reveals the sometimes heartbreaking intersections of love, truth, and memory.

What I thought: It was definitely interesting reading from the prospective of a 7yo girl. I wasn’t sure how that would go through the whole book, but it added something. I thought that the book needed a little more…something. Not sure exactly what though. It was a good read!

That’s it. One book. Just one book for the whole month. Kind of crazy, right? Let me know if you have any book suggestions for when I can start reading again!!

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