Creating a Masterpiece Drawing Program {Review}

Every year since we have started homeschooling we have placed art as a high priority to study. It could be learning about different artists or different art methods! We have used Creating a Masterpiece before and I was excited to use them again with their Drawing Program!

What I like right away about Creating a Masterpiece is the ease of the website. Right away you know what to do, where to look, and start your lesson!
Beginning DrawingAfter signing in you are brought to your project choices. For the Drawing Program you can scroll down to find different categories. Shown above is the Beginning Drawing section.

I like the fact that there really is something for everyone. Animals and landscapes, and regular pencil and colored.

As you keep scrolling you will find categories for Level 1, Level 2, and Level 3. You can definitely tell that the projects in Level 3 have more detail than the earlier ones, but really, they are all fantastic projects!

My two kids and I decided right away which projects we wanted to do. The kids decided on some from the beginning section, while I chose one from Level 2.

I like that you can skip around in the different levels and learn something from each project. Even if you don’t particularly care for the item in the drawing, it is still worth doing the project to learn something from it!
Drawing project 1
Lauren decided to try one of the landscape choices. I thought for sure she would go for the horse since we are all learning about horses since moving into the new house!
Drawing project 2
Kyle chose this drawing. My guess was a wildcard because I really had no idea what he would pick! He does like drawing cartoons, so it wasn’t a surprised that he gravitated towards the cartoon choice.
Drawing project 3
I chose this lantern. Jeffy and I love going to antique stores and finding fun and different things! Plus, the texture of the brick and the wood drew me in.

Once you log into your lesson, you are given a supply list. For the drawing ones, they are pretty simple. Some just require a pencil and paper! I am pretty sure the ones we all chose were like that. And an eraser!

You definitely want to get the best items you can. Target has sketchbooks available that work great for this, and a small set of drawing pencils as well! You can also purchase them with the link provided, through Blick. It is nice that the items needed are already chosen and ready to check out. Makes it so easy to click and be done!

Once you get your needed items, you are good to go, just click on the lesson!

Drawing lesson instructor
The course is all on video. And each step is detailed with things like, what you are looking for, why you are doing things a certain way, that sort of thing. It isn’t just a ‘do what I do’ type lesson.

You learn to look for the beginning giraffe lesson as well as the Level 2 lesson I did, she mentions looking at shapes. That’s a big thing with drawing, no matter what level you are!

It’s fun to see those shapes then turn into the project that you are doing. I am sure this is fascinating for younger kids that start out with basic shapes in their projects!

The instructor is very easy to listen too and she encourages you to pause not only throughout the lesson, but just every now and again to rest if you need it. You don’t want to rush!

Included is a close up image of the project so you can keep that open in another tab if you want to. It sometimes help to zoom in on something like that!

At the end she also mentions looking it over and changing anything that you think needs changing. Maybe a little shading, or make something a different shape. It doesn’t have to look exactly like hers! And then, most importantly, to sign your work!

I would definitely recommend the Drawing Program from Creating a Masterpiece to anyone, of any age! We had a blast a few years ago using different projects, you can read my review here of that if you are interested!

If you want to check out what projects others did in the Drawing Program, feel free to click the tab below! I am going to check them out because there will be so many different ages of people doing the projects. I like seeing how everyone does them differently!
Creating-a-Masterpiece-Beginner-to-Level-2-Drawing-Program-ReviewsCreating a Masterpiece Drawing Program


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