Excelerate SPANISH Streaming {Review}

The last few years we have dabbled with a few different foreign languages. Most of them have been in book form. I was intrigued to try out Excelerate SPANISH Streaming from Excelerate SPANISH.
Excelerate SPANISH Streaming is unique because not only is it in video format, but it is interactive!

Each lesson is very involved with hand movements and other gestures that will help you remember each word or phrase. Then, as you move throughout the lesson, each phrase is used so many times that the repetition also helps you remember.

Starting at the very first video, they just jump right in with the learning! The first lesson is about taking the bus. This is something that a lot of kids understand and is relatable!
excelerate spanish video 3This is what the video looks like during each lesson. The instructor and the children are in a classroom.  It seems that the average length for each lesson is less than 45 minutes. The instructor is very engaging and friendly, especially as the lessons continue.
excelerate spanish video 1What I enjoy about each lesson is there is a general theme and then as more vocabulary words are added, more stories are told.This lesson ended up being about someone not having enough money for snacks at a game.

Some of the stories in each lesson are straightforward, and some of them are quite funny! This particular lesson had pumpkin head as one of the words. ha! I think adding in some funny words definitely keeps kids interested.
excelerate spanish videoAs you can see, the kids in the classroom get into all of the gestures. My kids are older and they thought it was silly at first, but did end up realizing that it helped them remember each phrase!

Another part of the lesson is when she has kids up front to do skits and other situations. That adds a little bit more fun and it usually ends up with people laughing.

Sometimes we did find that the lesson moved too quickly for us. I like that we could pause or rewind and watch again, that definitely helped.

Another thing that we noticed was that there really wasn’t any introduction to the language. It almost seemed like you were expected to know some of the very basic beginning of the spanish language before starting. But, with the way it is taught, it almost seems like that really isn’t necessary!

I like that there are so many different things happening in each lesson to make it a possibility that you could be in many different situations and be able to have a conversation!excelerate spanish video 2Oh, and one odd thing, being from Arizona, we always learned that the ‘ll’ is a y sound, whereas in these lessons it is a j sound. I know it is all about where the speaker is from, but that threw us just a little bit at first. Especially when it came to el pollo. Because of the fast food restaurant..ha!

These were just minor things that we noticed, other than that I think that the program is fantastic!

One thing that I wish we had though is the workbook. It would really help with the learners that learn well by reading or following along that way. I think it would also help with doing some of the things in the lesson. The workbook is available, and that might be something that I look into myself!

What there is though, to help, is eight pages of flash cards and other practice items on the Quizlet website. I would highly suggest looking into that as they are very helpful!

We haven’t gotten to Spanish 2 yet, but I have skimmed a couple of the lessons. It seems like they are more casual and the class is more involved! It also seems like the instructor is more relaxed and more into the stories. Looking forward to getting to those lessons!

All in all, I would definitely suggest this product for learning spanish! Each lesson has situations that all ages of kids will be able to relate to and therefore they tend to learn it easier and faster. It is also fun! At least in our experience!

This could definitely be used in a co-op setting for sure, if you are looking for something like that. But even with just your own children it would be great as well.

If you want to read what others though about Excelerate SPANISH Streaming, feel free to click the banner below! I always love reading about different ages and how they felt about it!
Excelerate-SPANISH-helps-your-students-to-learn-FAST-naturally-ReviewsExcelerate SPANISH Streaming

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