Old pictures..

old pictures
I have this thing for old pictures.

When I stop in antique stores or something similar I always look and see if they have a stack of them. Then I just take some time and see if any of them speak to me.

Sometimes I find some that are of a baby or child…sometimes it is an old man. I never know what will grab me at that particular moment.

Most of the time pictures don’t sell for too much money, a dollar or two. Sometimes there are really great ones that are about $8 and I look at the picture a little longer to decide if I want it or not.

I can’t imagine that people 100 years from now will have old pictures in antique stores. Most everyone keeps their pictures on their phones or computers.

And even still, how many of those are filtered pics with dog faces or what not.

I try and print more. I try and take more. I try and be in more.

Just having them in your hands and feeling them…looking at them and not a screen.

There’s just something about that..

I don’t even mind looking at these pictures that I get of people that I don’t know. At one point in their life, something was happening that someone else thought was important enough to take a picture at that moment.

I love old pictures…

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