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A few years ago I tried out I remember they had violin lessons which was perfect timing since Lauren had just received a violin as a gift! We have the Ultimate PreK-12 Annual Membership now and the site has changed so much! For the better!
The kids were just finishing up the 11th grade when we logged on this time. I was curious how many different things they had for the high school range. It’s usually harder to find than for the younger crowd.
Look at all of these subjects! I didn’t need to worry about selection, that’s for sure! Since we had just finished a rough school year, I thought we would focus on electives for a bit. But I am definitely having ideas for their next school year!

When you look at the Electives choices, they have such variety.. From Accounting to Bread Making…from Photography to Logic. There is definitely something for everyone.

I decided to look at things in the 12th grade since that is what they will be starting soon. Kyle has been talking about getting a job, and while he won’t be able to jump into what he wants to do right away, I thought that taking the Career Exploration first would be a great idea!
Schoolhouse Teachers CareerThe course is 8 weeks long, a lesson a week. You can do the lessons whenever you want though, so if you had a real go-getter, they could finish it pretty quickly.

What I liked about this Career Exploration course is that it isn’t just a personality test. There are so many of those online that the kids have taken and the results were quite random and unbelievable.

This course has you doing research and thinking hard about different careers. I think a lot of kids might know what they want to do and not want to think about anything else, but this really helps in the why you might want to at least look into other thing conversation.
SchoolhouseTeachers GraphicAs we looked at the rest of the elective choices, we saw quite a few that we wanted to do. But seeing as we just recently moved and not everything was unpacked, we couldn’t do all of them. The kids decided to get a head start on Introduction to Graphic Design.

One thing that I noticed and loved right away about this course is the section on legality. Being in the creative field in the past, it’s hard to get people to understand about copyright. I love that this course touches on that.

Another thing that is nice is that it doesn’t require any special software. I already have Photoshop and such, but not everyone does. It’s nice that they are doing this course with a free software.

We haven’t gotten too far into this course, but I  am loving it so far.
Schoolhouse Teachers KyleOnce we start our last year in high school, you can bet that I will be looking into the other sections besides the electives. They have every subject that you need!

This last year we are working on American History, and they have plenty to choose from for that…I was happy to see that they had Drive Thru History American History for a little bit longer. We have used that in the past and we all loved it!

We are also doing Art this next school year and I am really intrigued about the different things that are offered. I know we are doing Photography, but they even have a course for that! I have to admit I am curious about the drawing classes that are offered…for myself!

I really believe that the Ultimate PreK-12 Annual Membership is the way to go with  There are so many different courses to choose from for your school year.

And since we start our school year in the winter, it is nice to know that we can just start them whenever we like and aren’t tied into a certain start/finish time. You can mix things on the site with curriculum you already have, or, what is super cool, at least with the courses we have done, it tells you all about the transcript information so that you can put together your own year just from the courses on That is always helpful with high school courses because homeschooling high school can be stressful!

The courses are all planned with a Christian worldview, which is reassuring. In the past we have used a secular curriculum and have been somewhat shocked at the things included in there.

One other thing that I noticed as we were perusing the site was a section devoted to holiday and seasonal resources. I think this is fantastic, especially for the younger kiddos.

I really do think that you can get so much done with just this site for your school year! If you want to read what others think about their time so far using the Ultimate PreK-12 Annual Membership, feel free to click the banner below!

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