History on Horseback: The Early Years {Review}

Disclaimer: I received a FREE copy of this product through the HOMESCHOOL REVIEW CREW in exchange for my honest review. I was not required to write a positive review nor was I compensated in any other way.

This year in our homeschool we are studying American History. I am loving all of the new things we are using! It seems like we just did this history, so it is nice to keep it fresh. We have been using a book called History on Horseback: The Early Years from Sonrise Stable Books and it has been great so far!
History on Horseback coverRight away I noticed that the book is nice, the cover is soft, but the nice kind that will last longer. The main part of the book has 183 pages and 53 chapters. Each chapter is quite short, a couple pages is the average.

When we moved to our house, it came with two horses. My daughter has always wanted horses, and although these are older and can’t be ridden, they are still loved by her. She is quite interested in this book, just to hear about horses throughout history. My girl does not get into history on a normal day very much, so this has been fantastic!

Every chapter includes interesting artwork. There are paintings, drawings, and photographs that all help to bring to life what the words are saying.

Also in each chapter there are little snippets as a sort of side note about the story. Quite a few include quotes, or just interesting tidbits that are an extra part to the chapter. I like these also to get a quick feel as to what the chapter is about if the title doesn’t tell enough.
History on Horseback insideSince we are studying American History, we have been reading from this book twice a week so as not to get too far through history that our curriculum is in. It’s nice that we just started our school year in February. We are right about even with our curriculum, if not slightly behind, but I am hoping that we will only ever be a week behind or ahead at any given time. If I see that we are too far one way or the other then we will be doing more or less that week to make it even again.

This book covers the early years from 1493-1866. I know that soon we will probably be reading from this book all five days so as to make it even, since our history curriculum goes to the present years.

The first chapter starts with ‘Arrival in America’ and ends with ‘Beautiful Jim Key’. The first chapters jump pretty far, but then it starts to even out the pace. With more written about throughout history the later the years go, that just makes sense.

If you weren’t already using a history curriculum, I could see using this book as a branching off to learn about the chapter talked about. To me, each chapter almost feels like a ‘behind the scenes’ of different history events. The author stated that horses are strangely absent in history textbooks, and I agree!

Something to look forward to is the current plans for the author to complete a study guide for this book this year! Also, a second and third book and study guide set to hopefully be released in 2020 and 2021 respectively. It will be a full history curriculum once the study guide is complete.

My daughter is graduating later this year, but honestly, I think that she would just read these for fun, and it would probably be something that she kept for a long time!

If you want to read what others thought of History on Horseback: The Early Years, feel free to click on the banner below. I am sure that there are plenty of ages that read through the book that might match the age of your child!



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