The Hidden Message of the Great Seal {Review}

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Like I have mentioned previously, this year we are studying American History. For the first time we aren’t using a prepared curriculum with workbooks and such. It is mostly just books. I love that! Since we just started our school year in February we are still early on in history of our country. One book that I have found quite fascinating is The Hidden Message of the Great Seal from The Hidden Message, LLC.
The Hidden Message of the Great Seal coverI know we have all heard the conspiracy theories out there about the seal. There are quite a few different ones!

The book starts out with a little back story, both from the authors life as well as throughout history. I like how the author explains how he first came across the seal and wanting to learn more about it. I am also wondering if his son was glad he didn’t go to an amusement park like two of his siblings…
The Hidden Message of the Great Seal insde
The Hidden Message of the Great Seal is full of wonderful photographs and artwork, most of them are in color. It is also a great quality book, the binding seems strong and not flimsy. That is important because we always seem to flip around a lot.

For school, we are reading just one chapter a day, since our workload is quite heavy this year. It is slow going, but we have learned so much already!

I have skimmed ahead and realized that the book has so much history throughout. I would think you could break the book down into sections and do unit studies on some of the information in the chapters. They could go off on their own little stories.

The book is quite large at 256 pages, the book itself is maybe 12×9. With the pages being horizontal like that, there is room for a lot of information on each page.

The author really goes into so much detail about each facet that involves the seal. Both sides of the seal are covered extensively.

A good part of the book goes over the early designs of the seal. I think that is important! The author is insistent that when they were designing the seal, that they weren’t just designing it for the times that they lived in. He insists that the designers were thinking about the future and the people in it.
Michael-KanisThe author, Michael Kanis, comes from a background of business. Not what you would expect right off the bat, but with a successful business that has allowed him to travel, it has in turn allowed him to research as he went.

The book brings everything back around to the Bible. Mentioning verses and stories from the Bible throughout the book, he explains how it all ties in together.

Since we are only about 1/3 of the way through the book with school and I have only skimmed the rest of the book, I am definitely looking forward to finishing this throughout our school year.

The chapters do get longer, so sometimes we will be spreading them out over multiple days rather than just one day for each. But this also allows us to do extra research on anything that strikes us as extra interesting.
The-Hidden-Message-Discount-Coupon-Expires-30-May-2020The book normally retails for under $30, but the coupon code HOMESCHOOL will give you 50% off until May 30 of this year! Even if you aren’t learning about American History like we are, I still think this is a valuable resource to have in your book collection!

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