Fermentools Starter Kit {Review}

Disclaimer: I received a FREE copy of this product through the HOMESCHOOL REVIEW CREW in exchange for my honest review. I was not required to write a positive review nor was I compensated in any other way.

I have friends that swear by eating fermented foods. But all the time they mentioned sauerkraut. I know that I don’t like that. When I was asked to review the Starter Kit from Fermentools, I immediately started researching!

Thankfully, Fermentools has a blog that had a lot of tips and recipes! I am such a newbie when it comes to fermenting things, that I definitely needed this extra help. I decided to try a Fermented Lemons and Mint recipe from the blog as my first attempt at fermenting.

The kit that I received comes with everything you need except the jar and whatever it is you are wanting to ferment. I went to the store and found some cool colored jars that I thought would be perfect. I haven’t really read on if colored jars do anything different, but it seems that for this recipe you only want the jar to have minimal light.
Fermentools lemons
I cut up a bunch of lemons, I tried to keep them as uniform as possible. I always think that lemons are so pretty, especially as the temperatures start warming up.
Fermentools mintAfter putting the lemons in my jar, I added a few mint leaves from this plant. I made the mistake of taking the wrapper off and the whole thing fell to the side almost immediately. Oops! I gave it to my mom who then planted it and she said it is doing great!
Fermentools saltThen I added some water and salt to the mix. It is superfine Himalayan salt. This big bag of salt is included in the kit! The jar is quite large so don’t be deceived by the size in the picture! I was intrigued on the whole lemon thing so I wanted to make a lot.

Before I closed it all up, I sat the included glass weight on top of the lemons to make sure they wouldn’t float.
Fermentools kitI know this looks like a science experiment, and really, it kind of is! But it all just works to help in the process!

The recipe mentioned that lemons tend to take a longer time than other vegetables and fruits, so as much as I wanted to peek, I just left it alone. When I thought it was time, I opened it right on up.

I was hoping that I didn’t mess anything up, but really, is is pretty foolproof. At least this recipe is for me.  I smelled it and it didn’t smell bad, in fact, it smelled nice!
Fermentools finalI am not sure how to tell if it is ‘done’ or not, but it seemed ok to me! They definitely looked pretty!
Fermentools rice
On the recipe it suggested putting it with some rice. We just happened to make some for my daughter and thought I would check it out. It made the rice have such an interesting flavor! My husband cooked up some chicken and I added it to it and had a sort of lemon chicken dish. I never would have thought of adding it to a dish like this!

Even though I added just a little bit of mint to the jar originally, you could still get the flavor from it. I would love to add it to a drink, maybe a strawberry lemonade? Yum!

There are so many things to ferment that I never would have thought of. Just the fruit and veggie category alone have numerous choices. Even if I never make sauerkraut, I could keep busy for a long time with other recipes!
The starter kit sells for $21.49 but you can use the code CREW2020 to get 15% off until June 30!

It comes with:

  • A Stainless Steel Lid
  • One Glass Fermentation Weight
  • Air Lock
  • Two Rubber Stoppers
  • A Rubber Canning Gasket
  • An Instruction Packet

It was also packaged in a nice bag. But if you feel like you want to ferment more than one thing at a time, you might want to get more than one starter kit or check out Fermentools for more ideas!

If you want to check out what other people fermented, feel free to click on the banner below!

Fermentools Starter Kit

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