The Mayflower at Cape Cod by Rebecca Locklear {Review}

Disclaimer: I received a FREE copy of this product through the HOMESCHOOL REVIEW CREW in exchange for my honest review. I was not required to write a positive review nor was I compensated in any other way.

Reading has been an important part of us studying American History this year. We are reading a lot of books, and quickly! I was happy to check out The Mayflower at Cape Cod – Stories, activities, and research that connect 1620 with life today from Rebecca Locklear.
The Mayflower at Cape Cod CoverBack when we weren’t so involved in senior year we would spend a lot of time doing unit studies. This reminds me of our time doing those! I think there is something for everyone.

The book itself is just seven lessons, but there is a lot in that seven lessons. It would go great with any American History study. Included are 70 activities and 80 research items.

I received an e-book, but there is also a choice to get a printed copy. It just depends on your preference as well as who you are teaching.

Upon reading how the book flowed, I was even more intrigued. Each lesson starts with a story. Each one isn’t very long, but all are very informative.
The Mayflower at Cape Cod activities
Then, there are choices of activities. As you can see, there really is something for everyone. I know kids don’t learn the same, and this really helps you to be able to pick activities that your child is interested in. Or hey, if they are totally into it, you could do them all!

After the activities, the research items are included. For lesson 1  there are eight choices for research topics. They all vary in intensity, so again, there is something for everyone.

Since we just started our school year in February, we were still pretty early on in our American History studies, so this was perfect timing for us.
The Mayflower at Cape Cod objectiveThis objective in Lesson 1 really got me… It can be said up to things happening nowadays as well as things in the past. And that ties in to what part of the title says, connecting the past to today.

We did many of the activities listed, but they were hard to photograph. But one of our favorites was the Survival Essentials Activity. We had just read about the Donner Party and everything that happened with that, so this was perfect for us.
The Mayflower at Cape Cod activityThe activity was choosing ten things that would fit in your pocket that you would take on two different trips. I gave one trip to Kyle and one to Lauren.

Rather than gather all of the items, since we hardly have any of them..or printing out pictures of them because of ink, I just made a list and had them choose from there.

After reading about the Donner Party, I think it was easier for Lauren to pick items from the list. But it really makes you think about things that you might need like that. How often do we just go on trips and experiences without even thinking of emergencies at all?

Also, some of the things that people picked led to discussions on if those items would really be the best thing!

Some of the activities are thought provoking, some are just fun, and some involve cooking. I am looking forward to making the pumpkin muffins!

You could easily turn this into a longer study! One thing could lead to another thing and so on. That’s where I thought it was like a unit study. You could build so many things onto this one thing.

As much as I enjoyed doing this with my two kids, I think it would be fantastic in a group setting, such as a co-op. There are so many activities that would be so great with more people.

Some of the activities were a little young for my kids, but the book is geared for grades 6-12, so that makes sense.

I appreciate the photography and the research that went into making this book. It was also neat since I went to Cape Cod not that long ago and I can just picture that whole area.

Along with this The Mayflower at Cape Cod – Stories, activities, and research that connect 1620 with life today, there is also Exploring the U.S. Life-Saving Service 1878-1915: 17 Student Workshops with 120 Activities which is a much longer study that sounds quite interesting as well!

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If you are interested in checking out what others thought of either of these books, feel free to click the banner below. A lot of people might have had kids your age that would help show things more. I am going to check out what other activities people did!
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