Progeny Press Literature Study Guides {Review}

Disclaimer: I received a FREE copy of this product through the HOMESCHOOL REVIEW CREW in exchange for my honest review. I was not required to write a positive review nor was I compensated in any other way.

I have used Progeny Press study guides a few times in the past. They are always so thorough and perfect for our homeschool! This go around we chose Animal FarmĀ  Study Guide and Little Women Study Guide.
Progeny Press book covers
We have read both books in our homeschool throughout the years, but never with a study guide of any sort.

We received E-guides for both books, everything is online in a PDF. But what is great is that they are interactive, which means that you can input the answers directly on the PDF!

You also have the choice of printing out as many or as few pages as you would like, it is just your preference. We have done both in the past.
Progeny Press Animal Farm
We started with Animal Farm, just because it was a shorter book. If you have read it, you know that there is a lot to this short book though!

This Animal Farm study guide is geared towards 9-12th grades and there are 72 pages included. They suggest that each study guide is worth 1/4 credit for high school.

What is interesting about Progeny Press is that they suggest the student reading the book first. In the past we have always read aloud and so we just read it together.

There is a section on the best way to use the study guides included in the Note to Instructor chapter.
Progeny Press Animal Farm contents
Each study guide is set up the same, which I appreciate. You can see how the Animal Farm one is broken down. I really enjoyed having the Background Information section as it goes through different governing systems and economic systems.

There are a few pre-reading activities if you are interested in doing those, it helps to understand more as you read the book.
Progeny Press Animal Farm vocab
Each section is set up pretty similar. They start out with vocabulary. What I like about how Progeny Press does their vocabulary section is that it isn’t the same every section. For example, the first section wants you to list two synonyms for each word. The next section wants you to write how you understand the word to mean and then look it up. Some of those are tricky!

You can see how each page has the lavender section, that is where you can type your answers. I know my kids play the exhausted card when they have to write too much, so if yours are like that also, they may enjoy typing their answers better than writing!

There is a section on how different animals represent different people and you are supposed to look up each person and their relevance to the events in the beginning chapters. In my opinion, this is one activity that is helpful if you have read the story first like they suggest!

At the end of each section there is a list of Optional Activities. There is usually something there for everyone. These are typically quite involved. There are a lot of research items, but there are also cooking or sewing projects and that sort of thing.

One activity was timely with how things are today, it was a political campaign analysis and it wanted you to analyze a presidential or political race and see if they did negative campaigning.
Progeny Press Animal Farm Bible
I also like how Progeny Press brings the Bible into these stories. This section of Bible verses was very helpful and are good to look up in general!

At the end is an overview section and then an optional section for essays and projects. These are more involved than the ones throughout the study guide. A lot of thought goes into them!
Progeny Press Little WomenThe Little Women Study Guide is set up pretty much identically to the Animal Farm one, like I mentioned they are all pretty similar.

This one is 94 pages and is geared toward 8-12th grades.

We haven’t finished this one because they suggest that each study guide takes between eight to ten weeks.

What I have found interesting about this study guide is that it includes some while-you-read activities. They suggest having a notebook or something similar to write down words and phrases that might not be known. I know a lot of people do that as they read but I usually just skip over. This is just a good idea for people to do in general so that they can understand the book more as they go.
Progeny Press Little Women bread

One activity I am excited to do is to make this bread. I tend to stay away from anything that includes yeast, but I think this is just something we will have to do! I also spied a recipe for Brown Sugar Apple Pie towards the end of the study guide! Exciting!

Both of these are fantastic study guides. They have many different book titles available also!

In the past I have done The Silver Chair, Great Expectations, and Perelandra. You can read all about them at those links.

As great as these are for your students at home, I can also see these being used in a co-op setting. Some of the activities are really geared to more than one student and I think it would be great to get opinions and ideas from more people!

But the study guides themselves are so thought provoking.. You really don’t want to rush through them, even if you are tempted to just get ahead. It’s really worth it to take them at a slower pace.

If you want to read what others chose for their study guides and how they used them, feel free to click on the link below! There are guides for many age groups and there may be some listed in your childs group.
Progeny Press Literature Study Guides

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