Home School in the Woods Á La Carte products {Review}

This year we are studying American History. It’s a nice break from doing World History last year! But in looking for extra things having to do with what we are studying I wasn’t finding a ton for my high schoolers. Home School in the Woods has been a favorite of ours for a while, and they have a ton of selections in their Á La Carte section!

Now, our history studies are pretty strenuous, so I didn’t want to get anything too involved. I looked through their Á La Carte section and found some games that I thought would be perfect!

Ala Carte Map game

The first game we chose is Name That State! File Folder Game. I love these file folder games as you can take them anywhere as they are so slender! We keep the cards in a little baggie and they stay straightened out.

This game was very easy to print. Just the two board game sheets and then the cards. The cards are double sided, as are a lot of things from Home School in the Woods, but we have it all figured out with our printer now, lots of experience…ha!

Geography is a huge things for us here as for one of my students, ahem, nothing seems to click. So I figured that even though this really didn’t deal with American History, it is still America, so it works for us. And is definitely important to learn!

We started out this game by just going through the cards one time and trying to find the shape on the card. Some of those were tricky! I’m talking to you New England states…but they started getting it and remembering.

Ala Carte Map game Cards

After they were good at that, we moved on to the actual state locations, and then even more with the information on the back of the cards. Now I am not all up on my state history, so this was fascinating for me..

It lists the capital, rank, entered the union and the region. You can also write your own info to know on the bottom. We haven’t gotten that far yet…

But basically I would hold the cards and show them the shape side of the card. They would find it on the map and guess the state name. I would give them the card if they got it right. Then, they would get bonus points for any other information they could remember for that state. If neither one could remember the state, I got to keep the card. Whoever has the most cards at the end of the game wins!

There are directions that come with the game as well, and we just kind of made it our own. They actually look forward to playing it and we try to do it 2-3 times a week!

Ala Carte Liberty game

The next game we got is Liberty At Last! and it is another file folder game. We didn’t color this one because we didn’t want it to distract from the rest of the printing. (Someone loves to color a tad dark…) I love the example that they show on their page though!

This one is more along the lines of what we were studying so it worked perfectly! This gets put together along the same lines as the other game we did. The game board pages are printed and the cards. This time there six are game markers that you can use to mark your place on the game board, and those just get cut out and folded and glued to make them stand.

You start at the Start area, which makes sense…ha! And you work your way to the Treaty of Paris. Interspersed are various people and events that you can take time to learn if you don’t know about them already.

There is supposed to be a dice that you roll, but we didn’t have any extras, so we just used a dice roller app. Ahh, technology…

Ala Carte Liberty game Cards

If you roll a one through five, you advance that many spaces. And if you roll a six, you pick a card, read it out loud, and then you can move your marker to that location! So you can imagine that those cards can be either good or bad! There have been a few times where one person was close to the end and then had to draw a card that sent them back almost to the beginning…

What we did, was whoever landed on a space with a picture, they had to state something they knew about that item. If they couldn’t think of anything, they had to look it up. That made for some very long games at the beginning, but I could see their minds working when they landed on certain spots!

I think I made a great decision on getting these games. It really lightens our load from our regular history studies.. I am thinking about getting a couple more as we get deeper into our studies. I was looking at the war games! The War to End All Wars and The Fight for Freedom are more file folder games and I think they will be perfect, especially since we liked these two so much!

If you are looking for a more thorough unit study, both of these are included in larger unit study kits. We have used those in the past and they are fantastic! If you are interested, the Name That State! game is part of Activity Pak: Make a State and the Liberty at Last game is a part of Time Travelers: The American Revolution.

If you are curious on what others thought of their Á La Carte products, feel free to click the banner below! There are many different ones that were tried out!


Home School in the Woods Á La Carte products



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MathArt Online 4-Class Bundle {Review}

Has your child ever asked about their math and the possibility of using it in the real world? I have heard that a time or two! I was excited to try out the MathArt Online 4-Class Bundle from NatureGlo’s eScience. It seemed like it took a lot of the interesting parts of math and actually showed examples of it in the real world!


What caught my eye about this right off the bat is that it wasn’t your typical math that was being discussed. Math isn’t just dividing or fractions, etc..

Golden Ratio - Fibonacci

The class we decided to start with was Math Connections with the Real World. It was all about the Golden Ratio as well as Fibonacci Numbers. I barely remember learning about those in school, I think we might have studied them for a day? Thinking it was a good place to start!

Golden Ratio Intro

As you log in you are given a list of things to do; watch the videos, download the worksheets, etc. There are a lot of different links to click and I actually wasn’t 100% sure what to do when. We printed everything out and then we had downloaded the slideshow. But it was also the same thing as the video.

Golden Ratio music

The videos are typically recordings of live classes that the teacher, Gloria Brooks, has given in the past. You can hear various kids’ responses to her questions as well as her communicating with them. Or, you can just look at the slideshow that is available to download.

After watching a few of the videos, we decided to just look at the slideshows that we downloaded. For the videos that didn’t involve previous recordings, it was the teacher just reading everything that was on the screen with very little extra thrown in, so we didn’t feel like we were missing anything. So it really is your choice on which you prefer.

Golden Ratio Lessons

As you make your way through the course, you can mark each section complete. Then it checks it off on this master list, so you always know where you left off.

Golden Ratio quizlet

Each section has a little Quizlet at the end. It’s a timed game where you match up the different terms and definitions. There really wasn’t a good instruction set, or even a notification that it was timed, so our first one didn’t get a good score. You are able to try it again though, which is always nice.

Golden Ratio Award

Achievement awards are given at the end of each section, and they pop up on the screen so you can make sure you see them. They are nice to see when you get to the screen that shows them all.

There are plenty of links and activities to do in each course. Six weeks could be a rough estimate on how long it would take to finish each one. If you clicked on each link and did the activities suggested, I could see it taking longer than six weeks. Or you could do one activity and not click on as many things and it won’t take as long.

In our experience, we wish that there was more information given right from the beginning. There really wasn’t enough definition on either The Golden Number or Fibonacci for us, we had to look them up on Google for that. We also noticed quite a few typos and other things that were a little distracting.

We did appreciate the time and effort that it took to put this all together, and maybe taking the live class would be better for us in the future. We are going to check out MathArt in Ancient Cultures deeper to see if some of our concerns are changed, as we have only gotten briefly the first lesson.

Others have tried this out as well, you can feel free to click the banner below to see what they thought about it! I know everyone is different!


MathArt Online 4-Class Bundle









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The whole foster care thing…

the whole foster care thing

I have mentioned a few times on here about our journey with foster care. We have been licensed for about 18 months and not much had really happened. The whole foster care thing…has been interesting.

There have been times that we just didn’t know what to do.. The class before ours saw people getting placements even before they finished taking the class, there was such a need for homes!

Our class happened and nothing. Which is awesome! That means there aren’t any kids going into care! We figured we would just wait and see what happened..

As we wait and wait, we realize how our neighboring counties are in need.. So we started our fundraiser/donation dealio. I talked about it on our blog here.

We knew that we wanted to help in anyway that we could! And maybe that didn’t look like being actual foster parents? We got so many donations, all three counties were so very thankful with all of their items that we brought. It worked out that they all pretty much requested different items.

Many prayers were going on about what we should focus our energy on. So many suggestions were thrown around.. It got to a point that we said maybe we shouldn’t extend our license, since it was going to be up in September.

I guess that was the point that our answer came..as when we started throwing that idea about, we got a call for our first placement.

Things have been very busy as we are all getting used to each other… Jeffy is traveling too, which always adds a little craziness. I think things will settle down shortly though.

It’s definitely been interesting getting used to having a little one in the house again. Luckily there was a resale store not too far away that offers foster parents 20% off their purchase. We took advantage of that!!

Next up, trying to get all of our hours in to make sure our license stays good! ha!

So, that’s what is going on in our world at the moment…

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Magic Stix Washable Markers {Review}

Y’all know how much I love love love items from The Pencil Grip, Inc. They have so many wonderful items! One of their newest items is their Magic Stix Washable Markers. For those of you that have a love/hate relationship with markers, these will definitely have you sitting in the love category!

Magic Stix Markers

These Magic Stix Washable Markers come in a 12 pack as well as a 24 pack. We have the 24 pack and I love the variety of colors!

There are so many things to love about these markers!

  • The carrying case. This case is awesome, it latches closed and you don’t have to worry about your pens ending up who knows where! Unless they don’t get put away of course…hehe. Each pen can go in a fitted spot that keeps them safe even with the case open and upright.
  • Smell? None. Some markers out there give me such a headache that I refuse to have them in the house. I have set these right up against my nose and sniffed as hard as I could and there was nothing.
  • The colors are amazingly bright. As we were using them we didn’t really pay attention to how bright they were. Once we were finished and stopped to check out our projects we were astonished!
  • They won’t dry out. Just like the case says it is guaranteed that they won’t dry out for up to seven days with the cap off. You may think that is just something they put on there, but nope! It is so true! More about that later!

Magic Stix Markers 2

You can see how bright the colors turned out in our picture. These are some of the projects that were done with these markers. You can see the variety of colors too! The brightness just doesn’t even come across in the picture fully!

Magic Stix Markers

See this chart? I started it on a Monday and I left all of the caps off for the full week! Not remembering that we had the radiator heater on, I didn’t realize that I had set the paper and pens next to it on that first day. So the colors were kind of dull on Tuesday but it’s almost like they recovered on the following days!

If I had done a different kind of test, I would have loved to keep on going to see how long they would have lasted! We may have needed a lot more paper is what I am thinking!

Some of our projects were very colorful, using a lot of ink. I thought for sure they would start to get fainter as we kept on coloring, but no, they totally hung in there. When we used cardstock, which is a little thicker than our normal paper, it got a little moist feeling, but it didn’t take long for it to dry out to normal again. Since it is a little more of a wet coloring experience, you may want to keep an eye out for bleeding through a thinner paper.

The ink also washed right off of everything that it got on. It ended up on our table and hands, on both just came clean easily!

One of the little things that I appreciated, and some people may not even notice it, is that all of the caps are all the same color. Your child is using a few different colors? It doesn’t matter what cap they put on! Makes for a quick clean up and less frustration in trying to match up the cap to the right marker color.

Overall we had a great time using these markers! If you want to read what others thought, feel free to click the link below!


Magic Stix Washable Markers





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What I read in February

February is such a short month and yet I read more books than I thought I would! An author that I went to school with sent a free book out on his facebook group, so of course I had to read it ASAP!! And then school started too this month, so that always ups my book counts.. Ahh, what have you read and loved lately?? Here’s what I read in February!

What I read February a

Daring to Hope by Katie Davis Majors – her even deeper into relationship with Him.

Daring to Hope is an invitation to cling to the God of the impossible–the God who whispers His love to us in the quiet, in the mundane, when our prayers are not answered the way we want or the miracle doesn’t come. It’s about a mother discovering the extraordinary strength it takes to be ordinary. It’s about choosing faith no matter the circumstance and about encountering God’s goodness in the least expected places.

Though your heartaches and dreams may take a different shape, you will find your own questions echoed in these pages. You’ll be reminded of the gifts of joy in the midst of sorrow. And you’ll hear God’s whisper: Hold on to hope. I will meet you here.

What I thought: I had read the first book so I kind of knew what to expect. It was similar, but I enjoyed reading more stories. I also like the pictures included. It is a life that I couldn’t imagine, but also one that is necessary to help all of those people!

What I read February b

A Little Insurrection Now & Then by Tom Leveen – How hard is it to not get kicked out of private school? Sophomore Jon Matthew finds out fast in this hysterical novel by award-winning author Tom Leveen (*Party; Sick; Shackled…which is kinda weird when you list them like that*).

Extremely intelligent and hopelessly attention-deficit Jon got suspended from his school for smoking pot on campus. His parents decide he needs more discipline and enroll him at Christ Lutheran Academy. To be fair, Jon does have a choice: He can instead be sent to a bad-kid boot camp in the deserts of Utah. He chooses the academy. But only under protest, he points out.

[You’ll find he points a lot of things out.]

Bristling under the relentless scrutiny of the principal and the other uptight teachers, Jon manages to pull together a loose coalition of allies to help keep him from getting expelled: Molly, a goth-at-heart loner burdened by a tragic event in her past; Bill, who has an epic crush on Molly but doesn’t know how to talk to her; and Lauren, the girl who Jon will do anything for, but who is herself trying to become a Cool Kid instead of seeing the real friendships she already has.

Slowly realizing his old stoner buddies aren’t quite as fun as he remembered, Jon grows closer to his new friends as they unite against a tyrannical and hopelessly out-of-touch school staff. When Jon discovers his parents can’t actually afford the boot camp, he’s faced with a choice: Raise total hell at CLA to get himself kicked out and return to his old school . . . or buckle down, bite his tongue, and stay close to his new friends.

On the verge of making his choice, Jon tragically loses one of the people he loves most, which would seem to make his decision to go or stay at CLA a no-brainer. Very often, though, the head and the heart – and, hell, maybe God too – have very different ideas about the future.

A LITTLE INSURRECTION NOW & THEN will – underscore will – upset certain readers as it looks at modern American Christianity through the eyes of a kid who uses biting humor to navigate teenage anxieties about friends, sex, death, and God. But it also does what this author does best: Tell the truth about adolescence with gripping dialogue and wholly realistic characters.

[And it’s seriously funny.]

What I thought: I loved this book. Books told in this way are so real and make me want to keep reading. I didn’t care for all the swearing, but that’s just life anymore it seems. But this is the one that I got for free and it is the only book that I have read on the computer. I am a real book kinda gal, but this book it just didn’t matter, I just wanted to keep reading.

What I read February c

A Jury of Her Peers by Susan Glaspell – Two women uncover the truth in a rural murder investigation.

What I thought – I guess I can’t really call this a book since there were only a few pages, but I guess it counts, lol. I found it interesting in a way, but it just kind of frustrated me as well. :shrug:

What I read February d

George & Lizzie by Nancy Pearl – George and Lizzie have radically different understandings of what love and marriage should be. George grew up in a warm and loving family—his father an orthodontist, his mother a stay-at-home mom—while Lizzie grew up as the only child of two famous psychologists, who viewed her more as an in-house experiment than a child to love.

Over the course of their marriage, nothing has changed—George is happy; Lizzie remains…unfulfilled. When a shameful secret from Lizzie’s past resurfaces, she’ll need to face her fears in order to accept the true nature of the relationship she and George have built over a decade together.

With pitch-perfect prose and compassion and humor to spare, George and Lizzie is an intimate story of new and past loves, the scars of childhood, and an imperfect marriage at its defining moments.

What I thought: This book just kind of read like a diary in a way.. Just reading about the life of Lizzie. It was interesting, just not a favorite…

What I read February e

The Secrets She Keeps by Michael Robotham – Agatha is pregnant and works part-time stocking shelves at a grocery store in a ritzy London suburb, counting down the days until her baby is due. As the hours of her shifts creep by in increasing discomfort, the one thing she looks forward to at work is catching a glimpse of Meghan, the effortlessly chic customer whose elegant lifestyle dazzles her. Meghan has it all: two perfect children, a handsome husband, a happy marriage, a stylish group of friends, and she writes perfectly droll confessional posts on her popular parenting blog—posts that Agatha reads with devotion each night as she waits for her absent boyfriend, the father of her baby, to maybe return her calls.

When Agatha learns that Meghan is pregnant again, and that their due dates fall within the same month, she finally musters up the courage to speak to her, thrilled that they now have the ordeal of childbearing in common. Little does Meghan know that the mundane exchange she has with a grocery store employee during a hurried afternoon shopping trip is about to change the course of her not-so-perfect life forever…

With its brilliant rendering of the secrets some women hold close and a shocking act that cannot be undone, The Secrets She Keeps delivers a dark and twisted page-turner that is absolutely impossible to put down.

What I thought: Ok, the description is a little misleading…but that’s what makes it such a good book! It definitely kept me on my toes and I loved reading what was going to happen next. It is told between the two characters experiences, which I normally am eh about, but it works in this book!

What I read February f

How Not to Be a Dick by Meghan Doherty – On the one hand, nobody wants to be a dick. On the other hand, dicks are everywhere! They cut in line, talk behind our backs, recline into our seats, and even have the power to morph into trolls online. Their powers are impressive, but with a little foresight and thoughtfulness, we can take a stand against dickishness today. How Not to Be a Dick is packed with honest and straightforward advice, but it also includes playful illustrations showing two well-meaning (but not always well behaved) young people as they confront moments of potential dickishness in their everyday lives. Sometimes they falter, sometimes they triumph, but they always seek to find a better way. And with their help, you can too.Essential (and emotionally intelligent) etiquette tips are packaged here alongside hilarious “Dick and Jane”-style illustrations. Laugh and learn.

What I thought: Eh. I got it for something humorous to read and it really just wasn’t. I got bored pretty quickly.

What I read February g

Good Me Bad Me by Ali Land – Milly’s mother is a serial killer. Though Milly loves her mother, the only way to make her stop is to turn her in to the police. Milly is given a fresh start: a new identity, a home with an affluent foster family, and a spot at an exclusive private school.

But Milly has secrets, and life at her new home becomes complicated. As her mother’s trial looms, with Milly as the star witness, Milly starts to wonder how much of her is nature, how much of her is nurture, and whether she is doomed to turn out like her mother after all.

When tensions rise and Milly feels trapped by her shiny new life, she has to decide: Will she be good? Or is she bad? She is, after all, her mother’s daughter.

What I thought: I enjoyed this book.. I found it fascinating. I had a little trouble following certain bits, but it all worked itself out. Definitely a different book than I have read…

What I read February h

The Scarlet Letter by Nathaniel Hawthorne – First published in 1850, The Scarlet Letter is Nathaniel Hawthorne’s masterpiece and one of the greatest American novels. Its themes of sin, guilt, and redemption, woven through a story of adultery in the early days of the Massachusetts Colony, are revealed with remarkable psychological penetration and understanding of the human heart.
Hester Prynne is the adulteress, forced by the Puritan community to wear a scarlet letter A on the breast of her gown. Arthur Dimmesdale, the minister and the secret father of her child, Pearl, struggles with the agony of conscience and his own weakness. Roger Chillingworth, Hester’s husband, revenges himself on Dimmesdale by calculating assaults on the frail mental state of the conscience-stricken cleric. The result is an American tragedy of stark power and emotional depth that has mesmerized critics and readers for nearly a century and a half.

What I thought: Well, what can I say about this? I ‘d assume most people have read it already…I hadn’t!

What I read February i

Calling My Name by Liara Tamani – “Taja Brown knows her place and the restrictions within her conservative and tight-knit African American family, but she suddenly feels left behind watching her friends go through a world of firsts — from kisses to boyfriends to everything in between. But everything shifts when Taja falls in love for the first time. Tamani creates a raw, relatable, and eloquently-told coming-of-age story about finding your place, beliefs, and identity.” — BuzzFeed

What I thought: I loved reading about this characters life! It starts out as she is younger and follows her through her teen years.. And the book cover is gorgeous..which always draws me in, lol.

And that my friends, is what I read in February! As usual, let me know your favorite books as of late! 🙂




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Drive Thru History Adventures {Review}

I have been a fan of Dave Stotts and Drive Thru History since I first heard about it over a year ago. I know it had a great following already back then since I felt late to the game! But this time, I feel a little ahead of the game because I got to use the new homeschool videos from Drive Thru History Adventures.

Drive Thru History Adventures
There are three adventures included right now: Bible History, American History, and Ancient History. I hard a very hard time picking which one to start with as we are studying all about Jesus’ life this year AND American History.

We decided to start with the Bible History. I didn’t realize that it was similar to the Drive Thru History – The Gospels that I reviewed last year! That is perfect as we could relax just a tad more and enjoy the ride.. It also gave us more time than we would have to explore more of the options!

Drive Thru History Adventures logo

As you first log on to the website, Drive Thru History Adventures, you can get a feel for the site through watching the little intro video and seeing some examples of the curriculum. I love how he calls it “Adventure Learning”, because that is such a perfect name for it!

During the Bible Adventures, he is driving around this old Land Rover. I love that thing! I think I would be afraid to drive it, but I would definitely love to be a passenger! He drives it to numerous places, all of them fascinating.

Drive Thru History episodes

There are 18 episodes in the Bible History section. What we did for each episode was first, watch the video. They are generally about 30 minutes long. We then look at the other items listed on that page. Quotes, artwork, pictures of locations and items, etc.

The artwork is fantastic, both on the website and the video. I wanted to make sure and comment on that. Sometimes it just pops up on the screen like cardboard cutouts and really just grabs your attention. And I like the different versions of similar scenes, like Mary with Jesus as a baby. It is neat seeing different interpretations on what they may have looked like, etc.

Drive Thru History Adventures Bible

On another day we do the scripture reading. I like that it is included on the website, even though we always have our Bible handy. Sometimes it is just nice to scroll down and already have it started at the place where you are to start reading..

Also on the page are Discussion Questions. They are the same questions that are further down that you can print out as a worksheet for them to fill out. Depending on the questions and what was in the video we saw, we alternate using them as discussion questions or I print out the worksheet. I think they like discussing better, to hear what everyone has to say, so we tend to do that more often.

Drive Thru History Adventures Dig Deeper

Also included is this Dig Deeper section. These I usually have them look at on their own and they can discuss later together if they want to. I don’t make it mandatory to do so, but it is nice when they are excited about something and want to talk about it! I like that they can access the site on their tablet or phone if they want too!

I had no idea that Herod took one hill and basically transplanted it onto another larger hill to make one big hill. I can’t imagine doing that nowadays, much less way back then! This course is so full of information, even little tidbits like that, that just make it that much more fascinating.

Since we were a little familiar with the Bible History course, we decided to check out the American History one as well!  This starts with episode 1: The Discovery and ends at episode 12: New Jersey and Epilogue.

Drive Thru History Adventures American History
Since our school year is not even one month old yet, we are still barely into our study of American History. The Drive Thru History Adventures American History is working out perfect for us! It is lining up to exactly what we are studying. Some of the suggested reading are things that we are reading in our studies already! Perfect!

Our normal curriculum has me reading out loud…quite a bit. So they definitely enjoy seeing Dave Stotts talking about it in his exciting way. He just has a way of making everything sound fascinating! I mean, I am loving relearning history with my kids, but hearing it taught like this is just the cherry on top!

At the very top of the website, you can kind of see in the previous image, there are the menu buttons. The Dashboard is basically everything that is recent. A little bit of everything. The Curriculum is where you find all of the adventures.

Resources list all sorts of things; articles, the worksheets, behind the scenes, side roads (which are basically current event videos mixed in with history videos), and dig deeper which is basically like side roads, but with articles.

All of those things in the Resource section can keep you busy for a very long time…kind of like going on YouTube for the one video and ending up five hours later not knowing where your day went.. Just me? hmm.. But I could keep reading and watching for a long time because it is all about things that I was never taught in school! Even the current event things are told in a way that is just easy to understand as well as just appealing to learn!

The Community section is great…it lists the private Facebook group which is gaining more and more people every day. It is a helpful place to visit for sure! Other social media is listed on that page as well.

Drive Thru History Adventures TV

Lastly is Adventure TV. You can view the videos from Drive Thru History Adventures on this site. It won’t have the extra stuff on the curriculum pages, but it is great for on the go, or just if you wanted to catch some videos from the comfort of your bed or couch! ha! It is basically like a Drive Thru History Adventures only YouTube channel. I love it!

Drive Thru History Adventures has some specials available! You can go to the Drive Thru History Adventures website and they are offering a set of the The Gospels DVD to those who join with an annual subscription!

They are also offering 20% for readers of The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine! Their ad is on page 19. Both of these are fantastic deals!!

Now, we haven’t had a chance to look at the Ancient History Adventures yet, but I am sure they will be just as great as the other two! You can read what others had to say about it, just click on the link below!

Drive Thru History Adventures - Subscription {Drive Thru History Adventures Reviews}

Drive Thru History Adventures


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Wulf the Saxon {Review}

Y’all know how much I love the audio dramas from Heirloom Audio Productions. Every time they come out with a new story I can’t wait to listen to it! This latest one is Wulf the Saxon.


Just look at that cover art!! And the story lives up to the art!

I have not been able to get into the typical audio book readings. Everyone says that I should listen to books since I like to read so much, I just can’t do it.. But y’all…these are not your typical audio books! These are pretty much like watching a movie in the theater but blindfolded.

There is plenty of action for those action lovers out there.. and yes, there is a lovely story line for the other ones to enjoy..hehehe..

This story starts out around the year 1065. The main character, Wulf is 16 and has gotten himself into a little bit of trouble. Things work themselves out with that, but that’s when all of the interesting stuff begins!

Wulf finds himself working for Earl Harold Godwinson. They are on a boat when it crashes and they are shipwrecked. This starts out the action and really, it doesn’t stop much after that!

This is also where we meet other characters in the story, Beorn, Guy, and Lady Agnes. Beorn and Wulf escape and wait for the return of Harold and his men, as they are being kept in the dungeon.  Lady Agnes keeps Beorn and Wulf company while they wait.

A little later in the story, there is a battle. Guy, the son of Baron de Burg, loses an arm.. And ok..if you have watched Monty Python and the Holy Grail, you will appreciate that he says “‘Tis but a scratch”, haha! I appreciated that little bit in that particular scene…

There are wars, invasions, the shipwreck…there is plenty of action in the story, like I mentioned.. There is also a little bit of love as well… Sure, there is love between the male characters in the story, but also with a character named Edith. It’s a different sort of love, love of country perhaps? Also, we find Wulf and Agnes on friendly terms as well..

Alas, I don’t want to give too much away, but even if I told you everything that happens in the story, it would still be like listening to it fresh because the acting, the sound effects, everything..is just so good.

Normally with the Heirloom Audio Productions items we get some bonuses that are included in the Live the Adventure Club. Unfortunately, the items for Wulf the Saxon weren’t ready yet at the time. They do have a one month trial offer going on right now, so if you already aren’t a member, I would definitely check that out! All of their stories are done so well, you could pick any of them and be more than happy!

We love doing extra things with these stories, so we researched a bit about the battles during that time, the weapons, the clothing. It is all quite fascinating and we read way  more than I had originally intended because we kept finding more and more!

Wulf the Saxon

Of course if you follow us at all, you know we like to draw whenever we can.. So we found different images online and copied them.

This story really has it all, something for everyone! I love that they are historically correct and really want you to learn more about what is going on!

We always love these stories, but feel free to read what others had to say about Wulf the Saxon as well! Click on the banner below!

Wulf the Saxon {Heirloom Audio Productions Reviews}

Wulf the Saxon


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Thursday Things

Woah, starting school last week really got me a little frazzled! I think we have it down now, so we should be back on track! I haven’t done one in a while so I figured it was time for a Thursday Things!

If you don’t know what it is, it is where I mention things that I enjoyed about the previous week. It could be an actual product, something that happened, whatever! Even if you don’t have a blog to do it, I highly recommend taking some time at the end of the week to think about what you liked about your week!

Let’s do this!

Thursday Things

We will start off with something yummy.. These Core Meal Walnut Banana bars are pretty tasty! They are quite filling too! I will tend to have one of these if I have had a bigger lunch and am not quite hungry for dinner. A little carby, is that a word, but that is ok for a light dinner for me.

Thursday Things pencils

The start of school means new pencils.. These Ticonderoga black pencils are my favorite to use for school stuff. Mostly because they are all mine! The kids prefer mechanical pencils, gag… We draw something every day and these just work out really well!

Thursday Things olympics

The Olympics! I love when it is time for the Olympics! We don’t watch all of the sports, but we definitely try to watch the ice skating and some of the snowboarding and skiing. There are some random sports that we catch as well. We always love watching the opening ceremonies though!

Thursday Things dog food

I know people say that all commercial dog food is bad…but you do what you have to do. One of our dogs has like…one tooth, so we make sure she has some wet food every morning. We found Merrick dog food to be the best for the dogs. There are veggies in a lot of the flavors, some of the chicken ones have chicken thighs in them. They seem a lot more real than some others on the market! The dogs love the flavors too…

Train Song by Mandolin Orange. Gah, I love live music, I really need to do a concert soon or something.. A restaurant with live music? I know where to go in AZ for that, what about here? hmm…

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Our Homeschool Curriculum for 10th grade

Our Homeschool Curriculum for 10th grade

Our school year started today! It’s been a little wonky of a beginning but I think we are working it out just fine. Kyle and Lauren have been doing the same work forever now so I figured we would just keep them in the same grade! Here is our homeschool curriculum for 10th grade!


For Art, we are doing a few things! Our choices will probably change to something more thorough after we get through the first book which is pretty small.

  • Learn to Draw by Notgrass – This is a pretty basic book, and probably meant for younger kids, but it is what I wanted. We have done some harder stuff in the past that has been fantastic, but I wanted to get some basic stuff down in a non-structured way.
  • Draw to Learn The Life of Jesus by Nograss – We did the Draw to Learn Acts last year and it was great going through the whole book of Acts with drawings! Looking forward to this year!
  • Mapping the World With Art – This kind of goes in with Geography, which everyone needs help with, but I included it with Art since that’s what the book deals with as well.


Our History also covers English and Bible, which is nice!

  • Exploring America by Notgrass – We enjoyed using Notgrass for elementary grades but we love it more in the high school grades! Last year we used the World History and I learned a lot! Looking forward to the American History this year! Like I mentioned, it also covers English and Bible, so it takes up a good portion of our school time. There are a lot of books to read throughout the year as well. I like that they can choose from different projects to do each week, that it isn’t always a paper or report.


We are pretty book heavy in our learning.. Last year we used the English 2 book – Literature and Composition from Excellence in Literature. This was fantastic! I had planned to go the next book since it was dealing with American Literature and we were dealing with with American History, but due to our wonky beginning, we are doing something else.


This is a hard one. We have tried so many things. The one that Kyle likes is UnLock Math $300 for one year and that just isn’t in the budget for two kids. They have used Teaching Textbooks, which worked out…ok…I will save it for another time or something? Lauren went through the No-Nonsense Algebra book last year and that was wonderful for her. I was stumped this year…

  • Thinkwell Homeschool – This was a new one for us, I only heard about it at the last minute. The teacher seems to explain things well, which is great! And it was half the price of the UnLock Math. Hoping that it really helps in the math department this year!


Went through it once already with Ryan and I know what I’m in for…ha!

  • Exploring Creation with Biology from Apologia – This is definitely going to be interesting this year. Ryan did his lab science with Chemistry last year…Kyle and Lauren will be surprised when it is time for dissecting. Ha!

That’s pretty much it for the typical school year stuff. I will always be bringing in new things throughout the year for us to try and review here on the blog. It gets more interesting as the kids get older to find new things for them, or adapt younger things for their ages.

Let me know what you are using! I am always open for suggestions because I know I haven’t heard of a lot of stuff out there!


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Five Minute Friday – Agree

All week long I have thought that it was Saturday. Every day was my own personal Groundhog day. And look, today really is Groundhog day and yet it’s still not Saturday. Tomorrow is Saturday, what day will I think it is then?

So, imagine my shock when I realized it was time for another Five Minute Friday! I don’t even know. The theme for this week is Agree. If you don’t know the deal about Five Minute Friday, check out one of my blog posts here that talks about it!

Basically, you write for five minutes, only five minutes and don’t worry about it when you are done. Signed, sealed, delivered.



I wasn’t sure what to write about for this weeks prompt. It is such a basic word! But I have been reading Katie Davis Majors’ book Daring to Hope and there has been so much goodness in her words!

Then I came across this quote:

God already knows what we’re made of, but perhaps He wants us to learn what we’re made of. I think we would all agree that we learn more from our tough times than from our easy times. John Bytheway

That is what I have been reading so far in her book. How easy it is to live life when everything is going right.. But how much harder it is when the days start going wrong.

You do learn more about yourself, about God. I know our pastor at our church has said many times that when things are going well…just wait. Just wait. It won’t stay like that, something WILL happen, the other shoe will drop.

That’s when you find out what you are made of. That’s when you come closer to, or back to, God.

So, yes, I do agree that we learn more from our tough times than from our easy times. It just makes sense…


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